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man thats some hacker shit
lope: try more turns with less wire
more mag coupling, less series resistance, should up voltage

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super awesome, but maybe not comitted long term?
i was paranoid that shit would snap

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blackmoon: https://www.danscomp.com/products-BIKES/107022/2015_DK_Sprinter_Pro_24_Bike.html
cheapest direct replacement
mine had carbon forks with machined steel ends
this one has chromoly fork and bars
had aluminum bars
mostly im annoyed because i baked that thing from scratch
and it actually didnt suck, it was kind of awesome

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k i go get food
fuck i cant afford bike
i should sell car
well whatever its one more week of class and finals, 4 block walk to school isnt too bad
if you just need that shit to idle for 20 minutes and go 1mi under load, shrug

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rings are pretty much off the shelf, tho, right?
like piston just falls through?
i can see that, lot of light get past .002
little .002 gap between the ends of the ring, fine, but all the way around prob not great
whats it normally like?
thats more than i thought
guess would make it bit easier to start
right because everything hotter

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omg sexy
and run them in plates bores or just plating on the piston?
i guess mostly its the rings loaded
and just the skirt further from the connecting rod pins get most the wear
haha @ shelf wear
that could mean anything
could mean dropped 5 times
and people prob complain about tiny scratches and shit

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naw they prob got them all there
small town
and they deal with bike theft constantly
like, theyre school pd thats basically 90% of their job, prob not an exageration
yeah tomorrow morning
theyre forged?
or just some cast machined stuff
hmm, i need food
yeah i guess its just about supply vs demand anyway
can you use aluminum pistons in a two stroke with aluminum block?

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i dunno my leg hits the brake cable
remember small bike
no medium bike
odd in between size bike, kinda
its 24"
i have pics of the frame
but not under the bottom bracket
man this shit was sexy new and shiny
so like
i could steal someones bike
read the sn off the bottom
leave it someplace the cops will get it
and then report it stolen and prove its mine with the sn
and they will sell me the bike for the $5 impound fee
but receipts and images with ancient timestamps, no way

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heh @ reusing the lower
thats the part id prob want to custom the most, for personal use
im sure they have special reg procedure if you have money and time
im sure its not worth it unless youre doing $30k customs
right so you have to cert a custom same a production prototype
well, kinda
6061 frame and bars with CF forks, so yeah maybe
i heatshrink them
right they always fall off =(
so i started doing like 2 layers of heatshrink over frayed end
oh neat
shit works!
doesnt stab my leg
they fall off
i know!
they fall off =(
takes a couple years

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i report it in the morning
no =\
but i can get receipts for everything
yeah i checked it was there
i have receipts
and im filing a police report
well id have to get receipts
its the kind of bike once its gone its so gone
tho there are a lot of tweakers and homeless idiots
they use the frame sn
it was an ebay frame from taiwann
but it had a sn

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either one or two diode drops, depending if grounding to transformer center tap or not
well it means youre grounding one side of the bridge
so you subtract two diode drops
if you center tap, you have positive and negative rails, and you substract one diode drop

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well he is a troll, it is what he does
VAC * 1.414 - 1.4
ripple depends on output capacitance
and current
at which point what you want to call the DC level is a bit open to debate
you have to subtract the diode drops in the rectifier

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theyre in series so they both do the same current
since 47R has more resistance, more voltage is dropped across it, since more voltage, with same resistance more power is used
k get it? k gd
er with same current more power is used
and how to drop your voltage depends on the load
if the load changes, series diodes may work better
if the diodes dont have a load the voltage will prob lift
hes likely talking about me

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power = volts * amps
volts = amps * resistance
V_lowside = V_total * ( R_lowside / ( R_highside + R_lowside ) )
divider math is the voltage times the ratio of the resistor to the total resistance of the divider
so the 10R doesnt need to be as high in power as the 47R

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it need to be a 75W resistor
oh my bad youre doing a divider
still needs to be like a 20W resistor
10 ohm you can use like a 5W

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hingston: nice
i dont know if i have any big enough

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well, least the ladder logic program works
i might be the only one in class has their shit working
i have to fab a leaf spring terminal block
and a kind of forky shaped feed block

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was hoping maybe i parked it in another rack, but now i remember locking it front of the building, almost walking inside, and then deciding to eat because likely was going to be in the lab for like 6 hours.

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blackmoon: bike stolen
was at a rack at school, was in lab doing stupid ladder logic bullshit, leave at midnight, bike gone
like $900 worth of parts

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sculptor: it dims them out depending on position and whats placed
but yeah, figuring out how to place stuff involved a lot of random dragging and deleting, its more retarded than dicktrace in this respect
spend 5 min dealing with difficult engineering problems, like how to connect two lines without it deciding you dont want a function block anymore and deleting it for you
its old version software too, theyre like a major version behind and all our shit is on trial licenses now
tho i doubt this means they want to change controllers because they just bought more
supposedly $900/ea

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and all the functions in ladder are the same in the c libraries, so like my shit would be done 3 weeks ago

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they just want usa to learn ladder to be able to maintain existing systems
but the instructors only give little snippets of code, like, this is how you move an actuator, this is how you load from adc
no examples of complete programs
no existing code to edit
so like, it has little to do with code maintenance
when asked about flow control, instructor is just like, I DUNNO JUST STOP TRYING TO DO WHAT YOU WANT AND DO WHAT IT CAN DO
like, uh thanks man why dont you just say, i dont know how
sculptor: no, B&R automation
yeah there is a jump function
and return, i dont know how involved or the details
i think if i can figure out how to get it to put down and connect multiple output coils im good
i can just set states at the end
at the moment its like, wait i can do something or i can set state i cant do both wtmf
the annoying shit is C is the default language in the project setup
and we have to change it to ladder diagram

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some girl mentioned group projects suck, one reason being someone in the group always does nothing
i have a two person group
so this is both awesome and frustrating
whats stl
because stl is a real programming language with sane flow control?
ha weird
seems like assembly

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readerror: yeah but it says clean title
and even salvage title, if its clean and runs, $2k seems low
where is gpf i need ladder logic help
i think half the problems im having are the fucking editor ui sucks
i dunno you prob know how to do this shit
i should be able to switch multiple output coils per rung?
step, network
yeah i tried but it wouldnt let me i assumed it was a ladder logic thing but now i think just an editor annoyance

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modern product management: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKorP55Aqvg

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macegr: call and ask if he has pink and if its regged in his name, otherwise yeah, safe to assume stolen or intermittently broken
other hacker has that honda, theyre more like toyotas now

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macegr: should be like 2x that on the very low end is my guess
if you contact im sure there is a 'but'
right its about the same as my car
from a dealer theyre gonna be towards 10k nice, like 8k for average, subtract 2k for private party prices
even a POS should be like 4k if it runs and is clean
and if it runs and is clean, im not sure what makes it a POS

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yeah thats some bullshit
pre nazi swastikas go both ways because thousands of years lots of cultures
haha, but yeah that pool is totally nazi shit
maybe its owned by a moderate nazi!

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