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yeah but this one is on kickstarter

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pwm the speed control
or set it as a logic out on the atmega, rc filter that, clamp it with a zener
then code some shit to do some shit

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if not, prob just takes some tweaking
you might have to use a bigass cap
because because resistor wont work

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why not just buy a module with step/dir input
use an rc filter after the pot?
im not sure what you mean by ramping
right pot controls speed, right?
so put an RC low pass filter after it
to smooth the edge
if its high z input should be pretty easy

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slash your daughter
and most all of them really, tho that has more to do with most people being nuts
_unreal_: crazy is usually heriditary
so you daughter will prob be some kind of nuts, but thats okay it just makes her normal

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psi: crazy shit
annoying to shop twice

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that was like 3 cars ago

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yeah i hit a little hump in the road and the car maxed out suspension when the road dropped away
car was like YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! handled it well
sure but any driving can
driving on two lanes undivided is way scarier than that
this is familiar well maintain 4 lane wide in each direction
and one side is little dirt wall before the oncoming traffic
other side of that is the ocean
and near side is cliffs
and i drove the road prob 100 times previously
this is a straight stretch for couple miles, gradual elevation changes, no cross traffic
no property either side
also at 3am
or around then
i got the crx to 115 going slightly downhill kind of same conditions
pretty good for a car has 60hp new
(was a 1650 lb car)

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my car goes like 125mph at 6krpm in 5th
i tested it
it doesnt have a speed limiter, they just geared it low (ftw)
yeah most things geared way longer for fuel economy
but my car, sadly, was the passion of toyota for a few years, after mr2 before frs
so they were like, fuckit lets make this camry motor go fast
and its either speed or torque limited
its a truck, its a brick through air above 100
stock truck?
the only cool thing about nascar was it was started by alcohol smugglers
no i mean like stock racetruck
oval track racing for speed was started by drug dealers

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