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coffee is water for engineers
synth: prob reup on tea soon

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blackmoon: also, ive been hit up a few times by a local dispensary about a delivery job
was going to pull the trigger on that when i got the message from exbox at audio job
so hopefully i have weekend job when i get back

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rf is voodoo
two semesters of that shit was enough to know its a rabbit hole
and yeah, the only things that interest with me would piss off the FCC

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naw id wait until she wasnt home
isnt phosphoric acid in coke?
because so sour i was just kinda wiggling
its like asking how come you fall to the floor while laughing with a broken rib
standing up just too much to deal with
but you know how your face muscles kind of tighten up with sour candy?
imagine that but full body
thats chompin on citric acid

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you def feel that shit
splash from ph down?
no covers?
how did it get in your mouth
fuck so i have to do mechanical detail drawings of parts that were never meant to be drawn
pisses me off
like, i want to just put "dimension controlled by associated model file." on all of them
my grandma had a jar of citric acid
little rocks of it
i used to crunch into them, and just kind fall to the floor wiggling

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worst that happens is they make a mess
wonder if the datasheets have source impedance listed
nominal IR?
internal resistance?
0.15 to 0.3 R
thats energizer, panasonic doesnt list it

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i got accused of fucking up a lot of batteries
i noted theyve been fucked all semester and i hadnt loaded a battery into my machine until this morning
i imagine theyre very large bins
lots of weight on them, the wrap is coming off a lot, along with the tabs
lots are bloated
ewaste them and let china fold them into baby formula
theyre a fire hazard
i wouldnt trust bins of hundreds
ive felt 9v and AA get hot, i imagine larger cells take longer and need higher ambient to be a problem
right i think a battery on its own is prob fine
hell just the possibility of them leaking
anyway, they rarely actually use the projects from what ive been told
yeah my guess is alkaline is popular because the shit is pretty benign

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osha wouldnt care
its like 85db sustained for 8 hours
its just a class project to test batteries
the tech shops at school have bins of batteries
personally i think they should throw them away
theyre not taped
theyre a fucking fire hazard
yeah, ladder logic hazing, intro project class
and theyre not experts
like, i tried to use the initialization program along with the cyclic, and asked them how, theyre like i dunno dont use it
b&r automation, the software is fucked
rab: this is an ME class
like, their electronics chops are questionable
two bins
i only had good batteries
and i dont know what they intend to do with the batteries after
theyre trashed
they need to throw them away

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d cells
my tester is decidely abusive
one of my improvement bullet points is seperate regulators and solenoid valves for the ejector and feed actuators
another is slant feed tube, or friction surface, or gated feed tube
slow down the drop
you can estop it and load the tube up with 7 batteries, let it run, at 1.5s cycle time it doesnt jam
at 1 sec, roll dice

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blackmoon: https://vid.me/peH4
rab: ^
feed block needs to be shorter, and some fingers or something to keep the battery from falling forward would help
but yeah fuckit, its 100% accurate and doesnt jam if you load one at a time, and it can cycle 3x faster than required

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so looks like i scored full time winter contract at last place
also hosts will be out of town for first two weeks, so have a house to myself

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rab: i dunno, face is still smoke dirty, pattern does next to nothing for me
the hello kitty thing was horribly impressive
dark brown and gold and it would have at least looked like a purse
heh, korean guitar factory boss sported vuitton bags
went with his audi and skinny black jeans
his secretary has a hello kitty macbook

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need a scope, really
bbl, got class
cheap on ebay

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short the seconary, see if the spark goes away or gets worse
related, if your short a speakers terminals, youll feel more resistance when pushing on the cone
did you put a load after the rectifier?
elses its only loaded while filling up the cap at the beginning

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