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that was me at ex job but the opposite proportions

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i could manually drill the holes for this grill faster than solidworks is figure out how to do this
its just holes in flat surface to flat surface
so its hundreds of them
omg it did it
omf the finished part is so sexy
and you can rotate and zoom no issue once its rendered

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ddr3 isnt bad
ddr2 been nuts a few years, think they mostly stopped making it
prob because ddr4, heh
fuck, pattern tool is killin solidworks

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need moar ramses
dstupid ddr2

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i crashed the solidworks
guess this means time for dinner

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their supply has better ripple
but she said mostly she wants to use it for little things, not much surface area, she wanted to make sure it would do way under an amp
prob not a problem

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rab: ^ 20v, 5A
$180, no fine adjust, checking manual for output circuit
yeah, its switching, so what i found her is equiv
30v, 5a, $60, ive used shit from those guys in a couple labs
so yeah, at $180, hes calling them current rectifiers so they cant google
and i guess its 200% markup, more considering thats only 20v
if this caswell guy isnt poor, hes an ass
prob died 40 years ago

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right, like dc bridges
when i worked at the tube warehouse, the dad (who founded the place but who my boss had fired several times before the secretary, his mom, made him rehire)
he was like, yeah this is a dc bridge, tried to show me how to measure a voltage with it
i just put my autoranging fluke across the shit and got a voltage in half a second
he was like, oh thats kind of neat too
like, he was being sincere, he was slightly impressed but he def thought his meter thing was the hot shit in the room
guy plays a mean guitar
think the son just rides dirtbikes when all limbs dont hurt from it
so like, never anymore

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the glass art retailers are selling standard china bench supplies at like 100% markup of retail
they call them 'current recitifers' so the glass artists cant just google for equiv
so saved her like 60 bucks
cant be that hard
im sure it takes a fuck ton of tweaking
but she got time
she needs make more work, i love her because slacker, but yeah, totally a slacker
her recent stuff is okay, but her stuff when shes working constantly is pretty mind blowing

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so i would put a dab and vap would come out from beneath the bowl
you cant use pyrex for nails
they sell them sometimes with cheap rigs, but they wont last a day if you try and red heat them
it can
for a long time
i did them the same way as my Ti, red heat to get the old dab off
the one with the hole warped tho, thats when i noticed
dymentia swapped it out no questions
i talk shit about that place because im into the older local places, but theyve honestly never done me wrong, just a bit pricey
theyre all over cali now
anyway, ti domeless solves the dome removal breakage
i keep this broke rig, next time i visit friend girl in oregon i see if she can try and fix it for me
heh, she wants to get into electroplating glass, 100 questions about electronic psu

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you need to get it red hot to get it right temp after a few seconds of waiting, or setting up, or throwing your dome on
which is going to 'unseason' it
so fuck it, might as well burn it clean with butane every time
but yeah i wait until red heat goes away
maybe a very very dull red
but with very high quality oil, too hot and it doesnt vaporize
it just spins and dances around and it can just straight hope out the nail and get stuck to the dome
my friend cooks a lot, laughed, hes like you skillet is too hot
was totally right
yeah man i dont think monster hits are great for you =\
im pretty sure this stuff aint great for your lungs in general
but its maybe better than smoke
and you dont need big hits
3 tiny dabs in a row will get me faded at normal tolerance levels
and my normal tolerance levels are pretty sad
i havent smoked in a few days
or dabbed
i want one
im sick of breaking stems getting domes off
ti domeless
i drop the quartz one
and the second i got, sheldon black, not cheap shit
it has a hole where the bowl fused to the stem

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im always worried about overheating the pyrex getting the dome off
then i thought, whatever, naaaaah
and literally as im thinking this the stem breaks off in my hand
$40 in glass scrap
no man dab rig, butane torch
thats why i needed to use a pen
because i broke my rig
fuckin 3rd one
in a year
why not?
torch setup?
yeah i do but i let it cool down
i heat it up until everything from the last dab is gone
my shit has a thin oxide layer but its practically new
i dont use map or propane
i guess map will straight burn that shit off and eat your bowl away
propane i think you gotta make an effort
but yeah i see people with these dirty ass nails
like, jezus fuck that must taste like ass
people are like, I SEASON MY NAIL
im like, its not a fuckin fryin pan yo

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halo clone
yeah but i was surpised by how close the coil has to be
the oil on the atty body doesnt heat up quickly, the body keeps it cool
the oil will basically wick around the edge
i would drip towards the middle of on top of the coil so it would have to go past the coil to get to the edge
and then i would kind of paperclip the stuff in the far edges back under the coil
its a bit of drama and i wouldnt like doing it while going out
but for home use its okay
surprisingly clean with no wick
i miss my dab rig but i cant spend any more money on these things
last one, i was trying to twist the dome off, and thought 'i should heat this up with the torch more so itll spin easy'

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kind of like a dab nail, but ceramic
doesnt need to be glass
and the metal is the issue
you need to get the wax to kind of pool in the edge
and put the coil right in the inside edge
the springback usually keeps it from touching
but if your screws get looseor it gets bent to the side, you short and melt a coil leg
the microcoils are nice because the heat comes from them being so close
next coil is ambient of the first type thing
so the legs dont get that hot in comparison, run higher z
silica wick is fuckin nasty tho
tecan: anyway, dont buy a k100 if you drop shit
mine lasted almost a year but eventually the switch button broke off the pussy little 1/8" post

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wont take attys with ego style skirts
so wont take typical wax pen attys
but they all use silica wicks so im maybe done with those
i ran a microcoil need the edge of the rda, no wick, and just dripped the wax on
cleanest wax hits ever, but its a bit tricky to get right
and its easy to short the coils
in wax?
no because dry burning wax is more common
would just burn away the wick if cotton
like a machines feature?
i was considering that
i want to maybe try and machine something in ceramic
they all have holes on the bottom to feed the coil thru and to suck air up through
so the wax falls in, clogs
i want to make a little dish i can run a coil in from the top and contact the bottom
without shorting

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yeah egos work okay but they all break the same way
clones too
press fit end comes off, bigger the atty the worse it is, even the normal ego-t and ego-c atomizers are too long and heavy
vamo is kind of drama if you build around an ohm
they lock out attys lower than 1.2
im running like 1.5
i think it is but as far as i know vamo5 do the same thing
1.2 min resistance
and theyre just stupid big
i use them for wax pen atomizers
but that was kind of a losing solution because it smashes the fuck out of the glass dome when you drop it
i just have some cheap mod
$35 or some shit
says sentinel mi6 on the side
mods just dont fuck up so much
the switches can be a bit eccentric but you get use to yours pretty quick
i know someone had a top switch mod

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thats not necessarily a bad thing
thats maybe two weeks old
dry burnt a bunch

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yeah the sizzle sound is boiling
the shit dont work unless you boil it
thats just a big bubble
just means too much juice, goes away after a few hits
right like this thread is bitching manufacturers arent publishing atty temps
theres too many fucking variables
the juice, how long the burn, how well it feeds the juice, how hard you suck
how hard you suck makes a huge diff, so its just not consistent
i take pic gimme minute
well they just dont fuckup

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hes like, oh dude i would have put a fire extinguisher on you if i saw that
yeah but it prob doesnt hit the same
noticed my atomizers getting hotter when using VG. PG boiling point is 188.2 celsius, VG bp is 290 celsius. Anyone notice the hotter burn with VG? Any known atomizer life consequences that anyone knows about? This has probably been discussed. I apologize if it is redundant
Yes indeed you are right. VG becomes toxic at 280C too, but ecigs dont get that hot - we think!
how the fuck do you vape the shit without boiling it?
vegetable glycerin
it is
was not aware of that
why not just drink water, dude?
anyway, how the fuck do you vaporize shit without boiling it?
ecig people need more science, most of them are technical idiots
the air running over it makes it evaporate without boiling?

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i didnt notice a big difference between kanthal and nichrome
yeah im saying the problem is your setup
and youre just assuming its that you dont know
what are you using for wick?
yeah man i just dry burnt cotton and its fucked on my throat and tastes not great
but it doesnt taste like death and doesnt make me feel sick
just dont dry burn it shouldnt get too hot
and maybe try 50/50
or PG
if youre not allergic pg is supposed to be fine
i never had issues with vg but some people say it makes them jittery, like blood sugar issues
youre just doing straight nic juice without flavor?
shop instructor noticed me doing it in lab today
hes like wtf yure smoking in here?!
kinda joking
i asked him if he noticed me doing it in lecture
he said he wasnt sure
i told him i blow it into my shirt so he would have seen it like coming out around me neck

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battery test monster performs excellent when it counts
100% accuracy, instructor guy also said it was pretty
backed it off to 1.5 sec cycles, so only 2x required speed =(
whats acrolein?
whats acrolein
whats it in
are you doing flavors?
ive never heard that
youre vaping dry or your atomizer sucks
the coils should get much hotter than the boiling temp of the juice
too many winds is higher z should make it run coooler
unless there close
i run microcoils
the coils are almost touching
anyway, burnt silica wick tastes like burnt plastic
i dont like it
i use cotton now

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kbbl school in the rain

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radiation issues are straightforward to catch
this is why most companies dont fuck around when it comes to electro-magnetic compliance testing
jezus fuck
its buzzing because coils
just glue them
or wedge some foam between them and other shit
well just set it on fire and use another supply
right so im saying use one that doesnt have a fucked feedback loop
ha nice
dont they have that?
oh lame
yeah lots of audio amps do that
kickdrum, powerdown
speaker pretty much is a short
pocket knife

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anti-spam script
its just ironic because its lope
who could be considered a master of on-topic spam
1000 lines about he replaced his mobo capacitors with ones from a washing machine and he can get it to boot when he holds down F7 and aims a heatgun and the bios rom
and thats just some shit i made up, normal lope shit is usually more random

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dip was kickin until the early 90s
but yeah almost 30 years

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wind0: check datasheet
pullups on hi impedance inputs dont contribute much if any current draw, they dont pull current and dont drop voltage, thats how they pull they input level up
pullups on open collector/drain outputs will only draw current when the output is in the state that pulls the pullup resistor down
in which case, I=VCC/R is pretty close

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so i dont recognize that
and ive prob been to hundreds of 'edm' shows

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