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15sec in, it has home wiring looking conduit on the side of the housing for the laser
not impressive

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but yeah there are prob a few tens of million of thatch roof mud huts in the world
i dunno that southwest north american adobe shit is pretty huttish

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how does mud catch on fire
you suck at civil engineering timecop
how much magnesium is there in mud
like, per volume?
well, no i mean if i figured out the volume of my apartment
and then the volume of the weed
it might actually be within a few order of magnitude for average dirt
i bet it is dead on for some sample of dirt somewhere
tho truth, im not sure if he means less magnesium in dirt
of less sucky at civil engineering
if its being less sucky at civil engineering, yeah thats tought to figure out literally
well, like some mud huts had clay brick roofs

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