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yeah im about to print his shit to hang on my wall
wonder what the legality of that is

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they charge you protection money tho
so i want like $120 in posters
fuck that i just want paper prints
maybe i should have clicked poster
would have to be some short hop wireless mesh shit
everyone would have to be down else youd need some really big antenna
i just bought a tablet

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so wait can i do fedex office from home and it just shows up
holy fuck $40 for 1.5x2'
honestly im so paranod about that place
if i was a publisher id just park a client on that shit and take down ip addys
get a huge list thatll impress a judge, have the lawyer fire off cease and desists
there are prob 3000 people doing that right now on tpb
right but they usually just pop up a host someplace else
do they at least have laws to justify the raid this time?
that first time was a bit awkward

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check out the bad circuits sections at the end of the chapter
when you can start saying why theyre bad, youre getting someplace
i was going to get the algebra, geometry and trig reference pages from my textbook printed all big
put them up above my monitor
in my bathroom
i had to teach the local print shop today how to use commas in pages to print strings
they were like, omg printing this will take all day, because pdf of mixed 8.5x11 and 11x17
im like, cmon serious, okay i can go someplaces else
and the spiky hair girl is like NO WAIT I KNOW ABOUT THE DASHES LET ME TRY COMMAS
old man was useless he was going to print one page at a time

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black bible, electronics for non EE grad students
very practical for a college text, very affordable if you want it irl

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anything where i have to draw pictures, instructor is all like 'nice!' on my homework
but math for math gives me math anxiety or some shit
and on tests, you cant look this shit up
youre just supposed to know
he gives me points if i just run with it
yeah i need to spend more time
but im way better at the foundation shit now than at beginning
but yeah, if i get some derivative or identity wrong, but finish the problem, he doesnt dock me too hard
or if i do enough of a word problem he knows ill figure it out eventually
if you like audio, http://sound.westhost.com/ is a good site
good writer, lots of projects and articles, mostly the stuff is low cost and simple enough to proto in a day
other than that, maybe find a copy of art of electronics
pdf are pretty easy to find

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okay i should clean up all the things
while drunk
well, moderately buzzed
guys i think i passed math
well not quite yet but it would take a major effort to fail now
calc 1
yeah totally but i dont math much
these baby freshman with their squishy brains
well, the calc shit is easy i get all that
its the adv algebra and trig shit
because fuck me at learning all the identities again, and factoring out shit
i take a math course every 3 years first few weeks im always picking up shit i forgot two years earlier
yeah thats the thing
i rock at word problems

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got your dildo service techs
maybe i should get semi drunk
i have tall bottle of some 8% oregon shit
and i killed school
except for some project notebook i have to scribble out
not all of it
we have or own beer snob labels
hell this city is where sierra nevada comes from
my last job has a microbrew and a little winery across the street from the lab
but yeah this stuff is tasty
already are
everyone who wants to be
and if theyre not stoners, very likely theyre tweakers

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sounds kinky
timecop: testing standby time?
heheh @ pulling dildo out of box every week to vibrate it a few seconds
timecop: yeah but i think batteries wont go that long
right, not your issue
but im still curious
5 year dildo is a pretty funny thing
you dont have to do emc for dildos?
that kind of sounds fun
for an expensive dildo?
someone will

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timecop: so people need 8L/s air to not be stinky?
damn yo
an athlon xp 3200+ used more power than a people
werent those things like 80W
timecop: yeah when i realized shit was backwards from what i thought problem didnt seem as hard
you have not read the actual convo have you

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yeah, so far looks like bad batch
st stuff is pretty cool
audio and controller stuff
you make it look for strings or data or what
it has a counter for its counter?

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danielson: ty
so this is a lab grade hair dryer?
when do i get to the part with the thermocouples
well dont take it so personal

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yeah not finding on the google

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no i mean the chip, whatever about your analog system
like, if i put a discrete mic pre on top of at 85C rated amp, i dont think they people i licenced the mic pre circuit from are going to help me when i say the shit isnt working right
yeah if thats the case, id want to see test data
yeah but what temps

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if they werent running within spec, why should atmel care
they should be doing a burn in anyway
maybe, but they disco chips and replace with compatible pretty often
i prob dont even know any of the current chips
but yeah, no idea about the ambient temps?
were they sealed?
were they in a vented chamber?
yeah man if i were atmelt id tell them put holes in the shit for venting
heatsink, venting, forced cooling
80c is nuts
if thats 80c at like 30-40c ambient, it means the shit will get towards 100C in the field some places
some shit doesnt derate it breaks
like controllers
dude, 80c

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i think its just the programming dongle costs money
because like, hardware
wait i want to hear the drama
how did avr sink an employer
danielson: problems how?
and what is high temps
thats flash reads, no?
load prom
well, they do
because the specs are at 25c
what were the temps

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`nico: mfkr
also hi
danielson: also

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nice, you can shift click ranges of tabs in chrome

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dunno any cnc mill could do that
with an actual engraving tool holder it would be cake
wouldnt have to have machinist level setup skills
cnc machinists fuck up real cncs
real people would murder it first 20 minutes
yeah for linuxcnc youd want someone to setup something with pro hardware estop, limit and home switches
and custom fixture

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like he wants you to engrave something or for you to set up a machine
yeah fuck remembering my dreams
thats some traumatic shit
need foods
code labels?
but doesnt he have a vinyl cutter
maybe i am misunderstanding the scale and precision and application of this vinyl cutting

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