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ha wtf @ gas
can you turn it off?
guess not
what was he charged with in the us?

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i dunno man im a sheltered suburban kid, all i know is shit glows when you shine light on it
figured 80s watch dials were radium

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i didnt think they were that great until they started shiny flashlights on them
probably, greenish
do they other shit that glows greenish that isnt radium now?
anyway, they have a pretty big router
but its like $100/month
min 30 hours, and whenbever anyone else isnt using it
and im less than a block away
i thought you had to charege that shit up like normal glow shit

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flash kind of fucks it up
got that one
the alternatives were more technical but that one felt like, more cohesive or some shit
totally wanted the frog with the traces
thyey wouldnt give me the name of who they sold it to
im like, fuck this i want to make a deal with that guy
this ones background stencil work was somewhat random, none of the other were so much
the expensive ones had glow in the dark paint

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could afford that, kinda, but too late
how do i get my images out of text messages =(
well if i long click it lets me save but i dunno where too

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i got blue frog, kind of random geometric background
def cannot afford
yeah looking
and i had to decide between $75 piece
and $250 piece i wanted most
because they checked and guys card didnt go through
almost got it
no way can afford it
like, have money but cant afford
androids lack of file system very annoying
$250 one i aamost got

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wanted so bad but $R250, red dot (sold), good thats red dot because cannot afford
from with trace work on the edges, weird geometric panel background, no red dot last set
by the time i got in, no more drum n bass
but i complained and last dj played two tracks just for me
he continuously brings this up
.8mm seems super huge
you dont mean space trace?
anyway, while im am helping them pick up trash while the show is over, frog with tracework gets sold
.8mm not that uncommon
prob .032? some exjobs got little daughterboards in that
copper adhesion was shit, shrug
felt more like plastic than fiberboard, was weird
anyway, i got blue frog
honeycomb frog had a cool multilayer stencil background
hornet honeycomb didnt have the multilayers, but the hornet was crazy technical, but the honeycomb kind of fell apart a few cells on top, dunno if completely intentional, fell apart, very technical tho

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im like,my speakers must by on
but speakers not on
check other speaker, drum n bass set on stop
drum n bass coming from outside
find the drum n bass, its at a makerspace on the opposite corner of my block, less than one block away
theyre doing art show opening for artist they 'incubated' for 45 days
jezus fuck at amount of work this guy did
lots of bugs and fish over geometric stencils
detailed bee over angular traces, i cannot explain the style of angles and lines but its very distinct and hes very good at it
very robotech, 90s mecha art background
anyway, this plus circuit traces with some nice z matching foldbacks

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maybe the register that wasnt latching in was usually right value from last access
or maybe initializing to zero when already zero

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synth: so you think that white tea is fine?
nm i got to the end of your rant and found answer
00:28:41 < synth> and you can brew them hard as fuck
thats what i like about the white tea
it does have that back of the throat flavor like the black and green tea when brew ridiculous strong
spent the last hour cleaning up CNC machine
messy machine is messy

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yeah man i dont think im gonna find that in this town
tho at home, probably not so difficult
here, they just opened a vietnamese restaurant
and it just makes me wish i was at home where we have 10 vietnamese places within 3 miles and none of them suck

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synth: http://www.yunnansourcing.us/store/index.php?id_product=412&controller=product
thoughts? they dont have the stuff i got last time but that looks similar, is fresh like the stuff im running out of

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synth: so that green tea i dont seem to care about, used almost none of
i just dumped half of the bag into french press and brewed two cups of tea
really doesnt tastes good, strong green tea not like strong black tea =(
holy fuck im awake tho

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