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synth: their kids will just blob around on neural networks all day

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'you didnt tell me those will kill me!'
wtf art of spikes dont you understand
pay to win
or devs so into their content they have to make it easy so *everyone* can experience it all

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kids suck at megaman

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07:24:29 < THE_GFR|W> 5 years in PYITA Prison. What a joy.

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dont they auto off anyway?
im prob mistaking them dying for auto off
3 or 4 months sounds right

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look sexier than the kurt shit

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ground shit gets stuck even when its mad lubed

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rab: looks like a project, heh
wonder if its siezed, doesnt mention its not

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i totally cnc in boxers
my machine doesnt really have enough power to get chips that hot, tho

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omg so cold

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yeah i dont have the space and this is a 30 seconds walk
if they dont have a bandsaw, im going to tell them i wont pay $100 unless they use it for a bandsaw
otherwise i figure something else out to get them to let me use the router
i absolutely will not pay to use the machine until ive seen it do everything i need
because yeah $100
i mean its cool i can hem my pants there but thats not exactly worth the money
and 3d printing is pretty useless to me
and my guess is the laser printer is prob more useful for fun than actually useful

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im guessing a few hundred in wood
maybe $200 in woofer
so id need like $500, before i pay them $100 to use the machine
3/4" ply, beech if i can find it local
baffle in 1" ply
i have to research what to buy, cant have voids, and consistenty is a big deal
like, im basically aiming for industry leading rub and buzz
lots of rigity, no weight limits
russian and n euro beech is the fuckit i have money go to for ply speakers
one company made a stackup cabinet of it

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its like 3/hour machine time
and i mostly just want the router
im going to throw them my resume and tell them i wont pay but ill trade 'volunteer' work for machine time
if theyre charging that to support their artist incubator thing, im cool with that
tho yeah im not sure why id have to pay $100 for 30 hours of machine time gauranteed to use their high end machine
so yeah, im likely not going to pay what theyre asking
theyre obviously flexible, all i had to do to kick it during afterparty to look at the art was picking up some trash
its like a gym, its reasonable if you use it
yeah you can dropin whenever
right, if unused, and i live less than a block away
but the shit is i dont think i can afford the raw material and components to use a machine that much
thats the amount of time i would think id need to proto two rounds of a pro sound subwoofer

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rab: http://ideafablabs.com/memberships/
so fuckin expensive i might actually make work
they are literally opposite corner of my block

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fuck the local roasters website is unmaintained
and their facebook does not have address
fuck facebook, because this
WE DONT NEED A WEBSITE yeah well it looks like you do because irresponsible facebooker
fuck theyre not downtown
yeah some little shop sites look so 90s
you wonder if theyve touched that shit in 10 years
i gotta drive 5 miles for coffee
local natural foods place carries their coffee but only two types, last time didnt have the light roast i really liked

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i do like, a reservoir or two per corner
they hate that shit, too
because it takes two people if they dont have special tools, and its a simple job so they cant charge that much
i need coffeeee

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yeah they do, the little pistons that pushes the pads out
well maybe on bikes
on cars there is a cylinder that pushes outward
those arent hydraulic tho?
ha, cool
they didnt wait on cars
i dunno if they leak when the seals break or the pistons have to damage the bore or what
yeah it does
that makes sense
z had rear drums
i dont remember with the crx
i make shops look lazy in this respect
if i bleed i put a whole bottle of brake fluid through the system
until the shit comes out xtal
they just do four or five squirts a corner at a shop

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well, least friend girl is proud of me for blowing money i dont have on art
blackmoon: no with ice, from freezers
they have a table router
at the place i got the piece
er, gantry router i guess
thats not art thats engineering
its art when youhang that shit on your wall
or use the engine block to hold a bottle of wine with ice in the crank case
heh, not much to the frame on that
yeah i hate it when they put it right down the middle
i hate drums
do the cylinders on bikes always explode like cars?
yeah in drums
so mess, on the cars ive worked on they are fucked every other brake job it seems

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i was TA for a high school chem class, hd to pick labs, totally went with moonshine from glucose
we had gas chromatographs on loans to test proof
ive heard corona uses corn syrup
corona doesnt taste like real beer to me, it tastes like it come from a beer concentrate
like someone in mexico there are frozen cans of concentrated corona
how do you think they make margaritas

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hell love nk then
totsally straight arrows, zero corrupts
wtf, idiot

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