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hes flyback
chips and salsa verde
flyback is the old avrfreak, tho

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i want crunchy things
also that red apple green tea kbbl

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i think you should just keep yours and turn off the wifi and use ethernet cables
yeah well $4/mo isnt the end of the world
$10 kinda sucks
better emf than timing out

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i dont like HV unless its attached to pF caps
esd guns are pretty fun
n00b248: in both cases emissions is prob 3-6dB down from the electromagnetic compliance regulations
i dunno man i get what they givre me and dont look at them for like 6 years
i had to call them up and have them turn the wifi off on mine
they dont let you in the control panel, lame
im not sure what your need is actually
no i have my own wifi router
yeah but he has one, no?

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of course?
it might not matter
diagonal infinitis
n00b248: honestly it prob doesnt matter very much
unless your wifi modem is really, really old
zeeshan|2: need hv probe
its prob bigass resistor based
inductive probes are usually for current
zeeshan|2: theres probes that isolate, maybe transformer based dunno

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why dont you unscrew the antenna
at night
and just dont look into the bnc jack
with fingers and thumbs
maybe, but if its higher amplitude, its likely
right, what macegr said
changes are it passes emc with 3-6dB of headroom
in both cases
they test electromagnetic emissions, they have to be under a certain level to sell
they always put the hot spots over the conf table
gotta be in a corner to work

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gotta have priorities

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make sure you dont sign the inspection stamp for ultra realism
oh shit im supposed to want to give a card back?
fucked, im an ass
i get my mom flowers on mothers day
and thats pretty much it
these mc on dnbradio are like borgore at 180bpm
whole section where 'if you dont like drum n bass you can drink a pint of [rhyme with previous]'
insert vomit, piss, something else, i think cum

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you probably dont want to touch the actual terminals, heh

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thats too hardcore for me man
im saying i use ti calc or wolfram alpha
i dunno how to slide rule
thats how my calc instructor rolls =\

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that sounds fun for some credits
i took analytical logic in philosophy at the same time as digital logic in electronics
i couldnt deal with the philosophy shit
it was that type of stuff but the class wasnt called that
but yeah, i was taking digital logic, intro c++, some psuedo code programming logic class (kinda bullshit but <3 the teacher)
and the philosophy shit was like, painful
it was way too interpretive so me and the teacher would think about shit totally diff ways for anything that wasnt simple textbook examples

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so, make sure you are good at factoring and rationalizing polynomials
and remember all the trig identities
and take calc immediately after
honestly calc shit is super easy, all the trig memorization and factoring certain shit fucks me up
that sucks
imaginary numbers fucked me up
was like, wait fuck you you can just stick numbers into hell and leave them there, then pull them out to prove your shit works
like brain was just opposed to the concept

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finished history, have intro mechanical engineering project (turn in notebook, not a big deal), and intro graphics lecture
intro graphics lines up exactly with terminology and best practices im used to at work for last 5 years
so like, been super easy
actually a decent class, nothing struck me as innacurate or insignificant
wed is calc, i think i can fail that and still pass, barely, so not stressed, then friday is intro manufacturing class
which i think i get an A on because curved, but i should be doing better at
so yeah no more math homework for a month, life is awesome

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murdered one final
two more today
then tomorrow i can study for math or just like, sleep and jerk off all day

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scissors work
that might work better than scissors
maybe too better
i think it would dud a lot and cause paranoia
because not all of those packages are going to go very fast when you throw them at the ground
then what do you do
right because im sure as fuck not gonna pick it up
yeah that could work better, if were specific about spinning
i think either would be acceptable

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thats mean

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heh, i use rustlick, prob 20:1, reg water
gallon prob last me 10 years, i put it in a little spray bottle
half my machine is aluminum, tho, and the parts that arent are usually covered in way oil

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readerror: i dont think so, short of taking out calipers and measuring the dialextric of a dissassembled cap
that sucks

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sculptor: have you seen any bar stock machining centers?
some of them are like, two lathes and a mill

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