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i think the ribbons bowed more than i ever seen them before
fuck this heater i need a newheater

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bent a bracket inside heater to adjust thermostat
didnt disable tip over mechanism
hmm fuck i was worried about that
i think it has another temp switch behind the sheet metal behind the heater coils
because there is red wire coming from behind there, and only one of the two power input cables
hmm yeah it seem to turn back on faster
woah wtf

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n0p: blue dream + kush hybrid, and blueberry + sour diesel hybrid

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lord_nigh: no, buying art
about to buy some drugs

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its coooooold
guys so remember i had that dilema, where i though the $250 bee who was mistaking galaxy for pollen was sold, so i got a $75 frog, but it turned out that the bee wasnt sold, bad card swipe, and then i almost bought the bee i couldnt afford?
i just put $125 deposit on the bee
i bring up my dead oak tree octapus and they can all live together

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neat, sold all the things
blackmoon: not enough metal there to just drill and helicoil or something
would prob have to get creative with a fixture for your mill, heh

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thats how you condition the bearing

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sell quick
like 5x more people in the area
no leaving town in a couple days, want to have rent paid before i leave so dont have to deal with bank delays when im down there
cracked the block?
pb blaster the fuck out of it and let sit for a day
shit prob falls out

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blackmoon: guy was fine with $300 and delivering this weekend
likely not a scam but i dont want to drive 400 miles
got another hit while i was sleeping so hopefully this guy closer
prob not since i listed it 100 miles away, heh

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