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holy shit obvious whiskey barrel smell is obvious

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yeah i think yesterday, thats when i found out at least
i havent talked to the fuckhead in like 10 years
no but im pissed because i couldnt get it off my mind in the morning and i totally fucked up a calc 2 exam
well not totally, just kinda totally

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shit is like $20!
dead dads make great excuse to buy expensive limited run 13% beer
also lays wasabi ginger chips are pretty good

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haha no
they didnt change the windows app at all

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underline + bold + red, oshit

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uhohz, sonos pushing out a ui update

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friend passed away and instead of funeral theyre having a party, friend would have been down with taking the long way
yeah i prob wouldnt
i just miss having roads that like, turn
i cant really afford the gas or tires
this place on that road

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twisty road cuts across from the 5 below tracy to the 101 at like the bottom of san jose
still avoid tolls
80 miles, google says it takes 2h30m, should be fun
havent tried it guy from #linuxcnc suggested
i normally 152 from los banos to monterey
yeah so my normal cut is 45m 40mi, so this is 3x longer
macegr: i think is more an experience than a convenience

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seriously i use anything as an excuse to avoid trig and factoring rational functions
hmm i maybe can actually do that
yeah i think thats the weekend after finals, the weekend before i drive down to LA
macegr: do ou know about del puerto canyon road?

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naw its cool, kind of a relief
i couldnt focus on a calc 2 exam and i crash landed that shit hard
but i murdered the physics exam couple hours laters so fu dad
naw its cool, if i was ready for the test it wouldnt have been a prob but i was going to cram it and then i found out dude died and i was kinda like fuck
so calc2 will be uphill rest of semester
i mean, im more stressed out and angry over fucking up on the exam than my dad dead

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was a logical outcome, sucks to be right
macegr: my dad died! lets celebrate!
yeah but she wasnt hanging out with hitler while you were dating she was hanging out with dude

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blackmoon: your gov cant negotiate

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urmom is windy outside

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