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not sure whats going on behind the dudes head

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it would be 3.3-1.1v i think
assuming you didnt use the 1.1v to drive a bjt or logic fet to pull all the way to 0v
so just putting a resistor from pfet gate to 1.1v rail you get like 2.2v on the pfet gate, which maybe pushes some logic pfets
but you can use the 1.1v to turn on a grounded npn or n-fet
and pull pfet gate from 3.3 to 0v
pretty sure this will be trivial for your analol guy

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right its not a pass transistor
the pfet inside the ldo might have a diode across it
so without the external pfet it may still dump into the vin side
also it could power some of the ldo electronics from the output
so like, random unknown behavior
like, the pfet is oriented the same way but its not controlled the same way
so it might be low-z when you want it to be high z
because some reference shit on the internal gate is half powered
right reverse current protection may be just dumping current back to the input side
saving the pfet but power on some vin side crap
damn sexy diode if series
so prob some schottky sex
right current shouldnt backflow through that

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this is some sort of power sequencing protection?
so basically if the 1.5v supply drops out it disconnects the 3.3v

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i just have serious doubts about how much of our ballistic nuclear arsenal would actually launch and hit as intended
you cant if a nuke left a silo russia would launch all the things
so they run test systems so they know the test circuits all work!
theres like hundreds of silo facilities
like, subs and sac bombers are constantly run
not like they are constantly launching ballistic missiles at fake targets
thats close to what a normal launch is
so yeah i dont think itll work as much as mil would like us to believe but i think itll fuck some major shit up
and jezus fuck who knows what the russian arsenal is like
prob all the silos been empty

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but right now the us leads the world because we have enough nukes that a 90% failure in our deliver of nukes would still wipe out everyone
and thats a good reason to respect someone
also a good reason to hate someone
and definitely a reason to pretend that your someones friend
probably true just from the dust the ground bursts would throw up

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04:24 < timecop> if they didnt have to spend billions on war against terror
turn the mideast to glass, and youre going to get a huge revolutionary terrorist backlash
almost everywhere
bullshit theyre a huge percentage of europe and asia
and thats just religion
people who arent down with the US who dont care about religion will join the cause
because it will be a just cause
limited nuclear war will be the end of the current world wide coldware
as soon as mutually assured destruction crumbles as a deterrant war is gonna get crazy
we already did that
and thats how we got here
thats what we did to japan
its not working anymore
and the second a nuke goes off and the country that nuked doesnt get nuked by everyone
new era of war
doesnt matter how you punish the country that nuked
the nuked are still nuked
and the nukers are unknuked

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blackmoon: probably installed something to 'protect' the bios from malware
no i mean some piece of malware prob fucked the bios trying to make sure it lives forever
and malware prob told the user its protected the bios from malware
stuxnet was fucking awesome
all centerfuge to max!
because iran is surely your friend tc

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timecop: so basically, mostly vanilla hardware and typical laptop cooling issues
i think hella be okay with that
cool ty
timecop: done anything with lenovoas lately?
the ones work got in the last year feel lighter, crappier but sexier plastic
workin out?
normal people computers are like really low end geek computers
like, decent spec but last gen hardware with 3rd tier chipset

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03:40 <@Rab> It started strong and turned into a broken POS over several years, but so do most laptops if you're not careful.
right this is my experience with gaming laptops
the compont cost is pulled out of the chassis design and materials cost

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nico: mfkr
nico: wtf man you bought actual hardware, youre supposed to just click on the hardware in 2015
timecop: do you know about sager laptops
is this some decent shit or is it alienware rechina laptops
friend wants to buy one for audio shits

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haha @ 480gb of ram
thats like 10x past the funny threshold

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ya you mean you didnt just use the windows that came with the pc?

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okay after coffee is laundry
macegr: i saw mac sabbath http://i.imgur.com/3SXmGcT.jpg
grimmace was so big

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or else cops
well, more of them
but yeah this is where the term tiger heater comes from
i may be the only one who uses it but most people know who i am talking about with explanation
macegr: theyre so giggle and uncoordinated about it, though
also damn jezus fuck the girls that walk out of there are hot
seriously even if they have penises, and my bet is the majority dont, theyre still mostly hot
the penis ones seem pretty obvious but you never know
anyway, sometimes there is bass music at the avalon, but the bartender vibe is weird, and the security give me absolutely no love
well, i mean honestly they act pretty professional but id rather someone just tell me fuck off im not giving your pipe back rather than ignoring me wtf who does that

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tiger heater crowd
this scene has absolutely the lowest respect for pedestrian traffic law
tiger heat is a club held at the avalon on vine in hollywood on the same night respect drum n bass is at the dragonfly
i take vine home, because the oneramp to the 101 north you do a uturn onto the ramp
anyway, you have to pass by the avalog, and if you dont delay the interaction by going to the cactus for tacos, then you have to deal with the tiger heater's blatant disregard for the crosswalk blinkers
like, yeah bitch we will let it be a fucking stop sign but dont stuble out in front of cars going 25mpg in large seething masses
eventually its going to turn out bad
they dont understand they have to take turns with the cars and stay in the crosswalk

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catbyte: oh so you just have daw controls setup to send commands to the interface
yeah im not sure if i can midi poke the inputs on this thing
just assumed all midi went straight through to the ports

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oh neat

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but yeah they prob lost a lot of users by adding the complexity, their choice of channel naming in the mixer, which doesnt match the hardware, doesnt help
what interface?
i dont think mine has the configs for the inputs
also sometimes i dont want to open a daw i just want to put input to speaker like two clicks, laziness
pretty sure reaper or reason dont

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catbyte: i think you have to to use daw stuff
actually im not sure about that
but the focusrite mixer doesnt play well with certain daw apps

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something like audacity (wav editing tool) or reaper (audio workstation) can do this
so yeah, recap: 1) unmute or monitor mode in windows audio 2) unmute or monitor mode in presonus audio control app 3) access directly with audio editing software
eventually youre going to have to learn how to do 3)
note that the 3 ways usually arent compatible, and some combinations can cause loud feedback so know how to mute things fast

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kornkage: quantum physics, where within an order of magnitude is damn near spot on
aewffwea: it maybe has mixing software
theres a few ways to do this
i think you can actually unmute the mic in windows audio config, checkbox to play to speakers, i dont think its consistent across windows versions
presonus probably has some sort of hardware config utility, which may have a matrix mixer where you can route channels however you want
focusrite has a full blown matrix mixer with is alternately awesome and completely in the way
so the last way is keep the mic muted in windows and in the presonus mixer app (if it exists)
and then access the mic directly aith audio software

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guy goes nuts because we suggest setting soft limits before he crashes his lathe because he doesnt know how to set origins, wishes me failure in my primary focus, and calls me a retard mostly based on scemantic differences between industries
and im the only immature one
physics expert cant figure out opamp lab 1

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well im an electronics guy
so i get to make fun of industrial guys
in a hybrid channel
you guys saying a contactor isnt a relay is just silly
dude people talk shit about you too
get over it
i help people
dude youre a dick
thats why im a dick to you
no reason?
dude you went avrfreak when i tried to help you
you want to be a cnc expert but you didnt know the diff between g53 and g54
you went full avrfreak
and youre being just like him

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interesting that he would come in and specifically ask the person he talks shit about and complains doesnt help him in a useful way for help
prob mostly you will learn from me is that when you wish failure on people and dont apologize, they wont want to help you
maybe ever
you never apologized for shit, you endlessly justify yourself
you called me a retard like a week ago
sure so ask them
aw sad
except when im positive!
youre being pretty negative now
you said you have to the right to be an ass to people if they are being retarded in areas you are knowledable in
like mechanics and physics
then you said you dont think its cool when people are rude to you when you try and learn shit
have you cake and eat it, huh?
also, i never really call you dumb, or retarded
or bad at shit
because i know for a fact you arent at several things
i also know you suck at a lot of stuff
this all started because you didnt know the diff between g53
and g54 workspaces
im an electronics guy
a contactor is a big relay
theyre relays irl too

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google opamp non inverting amplifier, youre probably going to want to buy an rrio instrumentation amp
and yet im the retard
i can fix that

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maybe he is referencing the gear pile on the bed
rab: did you see mac sabbath
zeeshan: obviously i can, unlikely i will

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you can do power rated resistors, too, and if you go above a certain current they catch fire in the sim
mayor mccheese has horns
because metal
and grimace is so big!
you have to do math
you can go up to .5A, right?
yeah same thing
so V=IR > R=V/I
so 5.1v/0.7A is the lowest value resistor you can use
i dunno do the math
i know but im not going to say
well then wtf are you doing here join #iboughtanarduinoimanee
i dont get paid i pay
I = current
in amps

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if its unregulated but stays below 5.5 and above 4.5 volts, itll work but you should prob find something better
yeah multisim does display stuff

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because its easy and you need practice
its free
it might just do combinational
so then use ltspice
these exist
i think you should start a bit slower
before you start attaching random unknown voltages to your pc
like, put the resistor from 5v to ground and measure it to make sure its 5v
then do it again with another resistor, and make sure its 5v
then if it doesnt say some fucked up shit like 3v with the lower value resistors, put it on all your logic things

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sometimes the fuses on usb ports dont reset
find label make sure it says 5v
cool you can power like 50 logic chips with that
or a single microcontroller being like FUCKIT with all its gpio
do you have an oscilloscope?
because if not, you kinda just pray to your god
cool youll be fine
do you have a dmm?
check and make sure its 5.1V with no load
then put a 1k resistor on it and check and make sure its 5v
the output of the power supply
then put like 100R on it and make sure its still 5.1v
i dont understand what you mean
you need like a 3w 100r resistor or youre going to have to make it out of a lot of resistors so they dont catch fire
you have to test with more then one load to see if its actually regulated or not

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you need to put a bunch of resistors on the diodes to load them
this is completely hackish but itll work =\
that way would actually be regulated
my way kind of unregulates the regulator
but the regulator makes it work!
we dont know what a 9v usb cell charger really is
thats not a normal thing
id be fine
make a go kart out of coconuts, race around the island
xanix: he means a 5v mini or micro usb phone charger
exactly this is what he is saying
but he thinks you should use a usb port on a wall wart
because it will be less sad when they makes a smell than when your computer makes a smell

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read it
thats for negative 7v
7807 is +7
you prob want the 7807
but its not going to work for digital stuff
do you have diode
shits about to get nasty, heh
you cant go below the intended reg voltage tho, can you?
i thought they were basically like grounded out LM317 with very big reference voltages
you rabbed
i understood tho
anyway, you can reg down to to 7V with the 7807, then use like 3 or 4 diodes to get the voltage between 4.5-5.5v

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and some pot
rab: hi
i saw mcdonalds characters cover black sabbath songs last night
mac sabbath
couldnt understand any of the parody lyrics but they pulled the black sabbath covers off perfect
grimmace was huge
dude if you cant afford an lm317, you cant do electronics
its like if you cant afford weed, you cant do drugs
youre going to have to become a sober software developer
rough life
half the convos here are 'i got x piece of trash and it did y in 1978 help to fix, i got no docs'

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