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fuckin dad gotta die all in the middle of midterms wtmf
couldnt wait two weeks until break

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chem exam and hw, physics hw, digital logic exam (easyfun)
and then i can sleep for days \o/

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this was the issue with drive space outpacing drive speed by a huge margin

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thermocouple amp does cold junction compensation
so long as youre using thermocouple cable the entire length it doesnt matter
ttmustang: its ecxtremely important that the TC amp is very close to the end of the thermocouple cable
like, you want the pad temps of the IC to thermally couple to the TC connector temp as closely as possible
the TC amp prob has very low offset and drift so the diff between TC amp temp and temps at the end of the TC cable are you biggest source of error and drift

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wish week would end so i could sleep and plan trip
greymoon: yeah prob like $20-40 each in 4 packs
yeah thats how they work
they diff hot and cold junction
rab: back home for end of spring break
rab: for acoustic engineers life celebration party (everyone knows bill wouldnt want a funeral)
gonna drive that from the 5 below to sac to lower san jose
waste of gas tires and time but bill would encourage so fuckit
avoids my low bay area toll awareness issues
also itll be green as fuck this time of year

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rab: you can always upgrade to expensive skate bearings
also i was surprised lots of skate bearings are ABEC rated things
right thats not really a cheap bearing
but skating is a rough app
so yeah, good source
i think it costs more for a skate bearing company to be a skate bearing manufacturer than to buy decent bearings from a reputable manufacturer
like, you can only go so cheap before they just dont work as skate bearings, and ive seen skate bearings that are prob better than most machine tool bearings
like, ceramic things made by shops out in palmdale who prob do aerospace parts 80% of the time
yeah totally

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rab: right which is why i think seats are a problem, and would use ladders that rest on the side not bolt to it
and id still expect the shit to rust out under the water sealing paint in 5-10 years
like, i wouldnt use a container as an office and expect it to last even 5 years

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