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readerror: http://www.nxp.com/documents/data_sheet/74HC_HCT125.pdf
they have versions with non inverted enables
so you can use both and feed them the same signal and itll switch them
prob some sort of 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 encoder you can use, too

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all i have is 1/4" grid paper and lab instructor is like you need 5mm for notebooks!
so i bought it and after hes like, oh yeah your white 1/4" is fine

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everything is normal logic levels?
tri state buffers
well that sucks
im drawing pic of idea

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right i like rosberg more but clearly hamilton is happier with that car

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crunchy countersink
i dont even know if i ever set one
yeah i just leave a message with innit and wait a week
tekrad: its hard to really take a dude with giant diamond earings seriously
tekrad: rosberg is kind of like if DC and barchello had a very short baby
no i mean hamilton, hes doing press
fuck how long has massa been in f1
holy shit, 02

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i mean, guy was best driver in the world
over, and over, and over
we have same bday!
monaco bday
i mean, imagine doing monaco gp, on your bday
vettels cool i guess
like, i want rosberg to win since i know button has no chance
and wtf sauber
yeah i could care less about the alonso thing because of all that drama
buttons cool like barichello
theyre just easy to fuck over

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mercedes/williams/ferrari up front, classic shit
i dont think i like hamilton or rosberg
i like rosberg way more than hamilton
i like them both way more than shumacher
like, dc, hakinnen, and barichello are my fav drivers
schumacher was def the bad guy
i dont think rubens has bad guys tho
tekrad: yeah i hated that guy as a competitor but it was shitty to see him go out like that

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the commenter said it was strange that kimi was complaining about tires
since when i kimi complaining strange
i miss mika

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ferrari nose is like a plank
the mclaren is one of the sexier cars
fuck i want the v10s back

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tekrad: they didnt even get into q2 =(

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tekrad: better than penis noses

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and fuckin alonso back to 1995
tho im not entirely unhappy as im a button fan
was totally into brawn gp
manor is running with mp4-4 colors
i was so hoping ron dennis would pull the cars off the trucks with the 80s livery, but marussia beat them to it

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qual is on?
or practice
and yeah, fuckin magnussen already broke a car
they got less than 15 laps in, between both cars in p2

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oh so you had busses going into blocks and it wouldnt jump the associations all the way up?
if ya, that just sounds broken =\

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timecop: it doesnt like, treat block net names as local and alias somehow?

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re: who you pissed off is def tl;dr
been there all day
01:08 ::: Topic set by Rab (Fri Mar 13 15:45:16 2015)
> 12 hours
i cant math but close enough
timecop: so basically youre saying we have to script a bot that looks for non standard chars and says hep tep rog
timecop: where do these things come from
we can send flyback to destroy the source

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jero32: how are they inserted?
yeah but does it look drilled, melted, molded in?
be worried the corner pin sockets adjacent to cap pins might be messed up
also not totally sure id trust the connection
yeah that dont look fucked
still kinda weird
haha srs?
i dont think ive ever seen that
i can kind of see it, i wouldnt have guessed it was that

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i like that guys setup better

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blackmoon: lsd
why not

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( -2/3 * -8^(1/3) * 1/(8^4) ) - ( 12 * 1/(-8^3) )
( -2/3 * -2 * 1/4096 ) + ( 12 * 1/512 )
can prob take it from there
i dunno
yeah wolfram thinks i did something wrong

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