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2 series is so fuckin sexy
were so the demographic, and they so did a good job
anyway, SCCA is mostly volunteer, and they have a sound level monitor position
so i figure it would be pretty easy for me to wiggle into that if i can make the schedule work

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its an SCCA owned track so they do all types of racing there
theres lot of vids of people wrecking their BMW on tracks
turning the traction control off and shit
thunderhill has a pretty crazy turn over the crest of a hill, about as nuts as the corkscrew
youve never maxed it out on the freeway?
ok yeah dont track day that shit
trucks are bad at high speed
no weight on the rear, worst aero ever
yeah thats okay just dont turn
nico: yeah 1 series is rather affordable for a bmw
i imagine all corners are cut

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5 > del puerto canyon rd > 101 > home
well, LA
went to thunderhill raceway today
its like 30min away if you know secret roads
they were closing, found me and kicked me out but told me to come back any day, 99% of the events are free unless youre participating
got a cool pick of the skidpad right after sunset
to participate?
hooked on driving does non competitive track days, i believe its a few hundred

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nico: mofo
going to be zooming through your neighborhood tomorrow
new 5 -> 101 route pops out in lower SJ

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right so it just might work for short shit
maybe even work better
haha self locking
this is for the boat?

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whats the pitch?
blackmoon: its almost exactly #6-40
its the same diamater, the pitch is...
its like 6% off
blackmoon: so its like metric #6 that wont thread in past a few turns

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haha wtf
bcause they prob got the motor from japan

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that sounds like not a deal
ha, whats strips first the head or the boss
it always works within a batch tho?
yeah easy

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screws long enough?
yeah so if you pre press them in a bit it prob catches
i hate slotted screws
end up with them from local hardware prob half the time
this time or before

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macegr: you could panavise them in to turn snapping fatigue into repetitive motion fatigue

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those things are so big and awkward
anything that works for, i will just get a bit/drill driver
yeah but whats the min
on most things, lowest settings were fine for self tapping into plastic bosses
like m2 and m3 size stuff, tho

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and what im used to using
yeah i would prob go with the brushed industrial driver over that
its $10 more
and made out of metal
it even has a speed control pot on the psu
well because it doesnt suck
i bet you the torque on the brushed industrial is consistent as fuck
well the psu is gonna blow up or have a pot failure so eventually youll have to ghetto rig it
but with the amount you will use it, brushes prob last years
does it have a dc port?
heh, have fun soldering to the far contact
maybe that whole battery thing pops off
yeah was thinking that

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my guess is on most the products ive worked on, there were 10-20 stations for screwing shit together
fusion welding, yo
looks like power supply is just two speed switch
prob easy to mod
one i used at work had two speeds and a speed pot
i dont think the speed pot was factory
i dont think thats brushless
anyway, thats what im used to seeing
leftovers from american assemvly lines, and whats on china assembly lines

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well, $20
worth trying i guess
but yeah something industrial with click stop torque limit and speed constrol will work a lot better
this shit is like hakko 936, factories go out of business and sell a tone of them on ebay
most the china stuff will prob be brush motors
why not WA?
tax law?
tekrad: right but thats $1k
actually for ingersol rand that seems pretty fair
depends how many seats you need

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you can use a drill/bit driver?
so get a long bit
agreed, or makita
dewalts seem to wear out
and just get long bits
macegr: do you need to fit into tight chassis?
or into holes with screws at the bottom
i would just get some used industrial shit with torque setting
consumer screwdrivers are so shitty
that doesnt have torque settings?
that might kill it \

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macegr: incredibly high pressure
which i think is how injection mold machines work
a fuck ton of pressure and a lot of preheating
macegr: if you can translate it to large scale, you maybe make huge gains in recycled material manufacturing products
right so i think minimum on that scale it would cost 10x more than standard extruder setup
after a few years of dev
but you would be able to print out of coke bottles
and you could change industries with the tech
like, you basically turn recycling houses into machufacturing houses
and kill a fuck ton of transportation and storage waste
machufacturing (c) rencorp
macegr: whatever if they can sell it
toilet seats
who cares

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so dont move it
also if youre using a plunger, you could retract plunger
so compensate
kick that shit back and then spring back a bit
dont move the bed
just have a heated feed tube
and mount the heated hoppers somewhere stationary
macegr: how do you think injection molding is done?
you have to maintain tube temp, they have to be very rigid
because it wouldnt do it fast enough
i think youwould have to preheat the plastic
once you have it going, and the plastic is bubble free, you can maybe add more raw material to the top while its running
but not while youre using that heated tube
like, obviously not easy, but its not like end of the world challenging

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so it would basically mean a move to actual extruders
instead of heated wire feeds
ideally you make it work consistent with plastic beads they use for injection molding
this is basically an injection mold machine
not built with the current lack of rigidity
and a heated feed tube with stationary feed wouldnt be the most difficult thing ever
well its not a fair comparison
moving liquid hopper is like mounting the filament reel to the extruder

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didnt think you were kidding, its an obvious application without many drawbacks if you can get it to work
fuck filament
you prime a heated cylindrical feed
basically, before starting make sure all bubbles have floated out
than once its primed, you keep adding shredded bottle to the top
issue would be feeding the stuff with a variable air gap
if you pressure fed and i dunno what else you would do
macegr: extruder is just glass tubes with small diameter end
if you jam it you get a new glass tube
few dollars, especially once its a standard item
hell make em out of test tubes at first
well dont do that

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youre going to extrude your own filament?
gl with that
just stick the shit in a glass container into an oven at the right temp
prob better off shredding into into little bits that you can put into some sort of heated press extruder
i think he wants to make filament tho
diff extruder
3d printer extruder is really just a plastic wire feed
but shredding bottles into some sort of long heated hopper that could directly extrude to your print might be worth development
just bypass the whole fillament part
need to be long and slow enough to get bubbles out of the buttom

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coffee is happening

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