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i wouldnt expect that to be totally square unless hitting it with amps
ive seen heatshrink over mag wire
blackmoon: this was straight wire?

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yes because after switching either lots of current but no Vds, or lots of Vds but no current, so no power in the fet lost
only during transition
the scope is maybe too capacitive
so it changes gate signal
yeah maybe scope rounded it, maybe not
tried 10x probe?
yeah who knows, maybe really not square

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whats x?
maybe 1/1000hz
you prob want time now freq
but yes look right besides that

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more current means less time
better fets for more $ usually have lower gate charge
yeah but charge is easier, doesnt change like gate cap
and is like one less math to get to timing
i read in some fet doc, made sense

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you probably want to switch at under 100us
because 100hz is 10ms so thats 1%, good goal
2% really, because adding both up and down edges
unless you use smaller gate resistor and bigger driver
for more current
gate charge = current * time

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because open collector, it has to drain the gate tho a resistor when the open collector switch is closed
8.5A youre prob going to want to switch fast so it doesnt get hot
so sink and source to drive, small gate charge
right but it takes time to charge and discharge
you are better at that part than me
monkeyisl: go learn about gate charge, that says how much gate current to switch in certain duration of time

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yeah see if you can find one that sources and sinks
or it might be difficult to get it to switch in one direction
the fet gate
monkeyisl: youre going pretty slow you prob dont need a dedicated gate driver
if you have the $ tho, might be easier
prob cause more interference if high cyrrent from sharper switching edges

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because they put them in the speaker banana plug handles
those things look like how you cook an amp on the grill
macegr: scroll for timecop hifi troll link

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me siiting on someone elses porch smoking bowls in sunny socal breeze
better soak it up before the rugrat gets home

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oh nm read 3000g/kg
suffucating rats under salt

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theres rhodium in the tube amp serum, cant be good for you
wouldnt rhodium be good for me then?

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"For the time I could spend listening with the AMPLIFIER SERUM inserted into the amplifiers the difference was most avid in the terms of global spatial presentation and the focusing of the lower register notes being played. Here the Jaco Pastorius Portrait of Tracy bass became even more lyrical and presentable with more dynamic impact. Not small change by any means." - Mono & Stereo
nico: it says it makes jaco pastorius even better
you need more proof? it's not like someone would just say that

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