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modern low cost ones, because theyre china factory designs that have been through 3 dozen cost down iterations
so shit works fine from 20-40C but away from that, switcher works but protection points are somewhat random
so you dick does not work fine?
i mean you dont have to answer that question
but thats how i understood it

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maybe is done that way on very big systems or weird hacked research stuff
but i think mostly its because theyve been doing this shit in consumer since the late 70s and it works
*consumer stuff
like, theres 3 main pwm chips, and lots of the other stuff is just clones, and most of the protection stuff is discrete analog so it kind of adapts to any mains switching supply
but yeah when you start testing thise supplies at the edges of their spec, like towards abs max and away from spec test conditions, they usually do weird shit

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a psu that small will usually kill itself way before the house fuse blows
theyre not also breakers, but most modern houser are
it wont work anymore
it might be protected, too
where itll shut down but if you unplug and plug it in, or just unsort it, itll be fine
psu is like analogs last stand, they get creative
prob in 10 years all psu are just mosfet drivers after rectifiers, adc and processors doing feedback

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because only 5v
like, dont hold both wires between the same fingers obviously
i dont have any
i have bulk aisle weed
well, wax or oil
anyway, if you short the circuit it will melt where the power is being dissipated
which will be in the power supply or in the circuit most likely
prob not where the psu connects to the breadboard
its prob fine
it might protect, it might blow a permanent fuse
its prob not going to burn your house down
you should be a little bit
no inside the psu

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you are good at shelves
what plastic
on the breadboard?
only if you short something
and sometimes the contacts are fine
after the plastic melts a bit
i melted a breadboard with avr pins, initialized wrong mode or who knows
dip print on my breadboard, worked fine
against you is usually fine

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spring beds kind of weird me out now
either sleeping on noisy spikes or fucked up stiff
house at 19 i dont even...
im thinking like, maybe when i am 50, 55
by the time im 60 maybe ill feel like finding a wife who wants kids
i think you should reproduce your beds in 4 or 5 stacks with variable spacing and rent your place out on airbnb

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this is not an acceptable fuck platform
i was like, the stepstool is in the way
but i guess you need it to get up into the bed
so with girl on her back with head flopped over the edge of bed, she is at eye level
then you do cowgirl and break her neck
plus i bet it is loud
is it foam at least?
overstock foamy beds ftw
gotta get the ridiculous heavy stuff

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+1 middleware hax
someone should make a first person programming game
and in the first person programming game, with a save game
not enough words
and in the first person programming game, there is a first person programming game, with a save game

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comrad mfkrs
i <3 my toyotaCar
also my Falkens
home \o/
i dont need roommates
but yeah saw like three companies worth of ex coworkers
the santa barbara geeks loved the salsa verde
svh: yeah but im not home all summer and winter so cat doesnt really work =(
man im like a fuckin gypsy
need to get a caravan

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