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the pepsi one is kinda lame
BP one is awesome

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pretty easy to touch off z in diff spots to check flatness before cutting
youll know if itll work well or not before
and yeah, Ti is usually like, speeds and feeds dead on with a rigid machine or your ears will not work anymore
tool will fail sometime after your ears do
rab: yeah so you knew before it wouldnt work, heh
this is why i made that edge holder for the PCB blanks i had
if i didnt hold all 4 edges it bowed, wont help with your problem tho
had good luck with these
didnt break as fast as the half rounds, anyway bbl

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double sided tape
its a hack, i feel ashamed doing it, but it works
rab: its pretty consistent, but yeah the spring loading is prob going to work better once you have speeds/feeds/spring tension down
sculptor: they use miniplugs for everything, the plugs generally arent trusted for medium term reliability
fucking 10k ESD test gun uses them on the batteries for charging
rab: yeah exactly
aluminum rack panels are prob fine, but die cast metal and injection molded plastic will be a pain

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ill throw in the diamond scribe, couple of conicals and EM it came with
ya np, i guessed as much
prob list it for more soon, really happy how the test cuts came out
just wanted it for engraving panels in the medium term and the price was awesome
immediate thing was 1U prototype panel with some pots and XLR, i can do it without spring loading
rab: super cool

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for most cutting stuff, i use 1/8"
general purpose machining, i use 1/4" endmills a lot
the 3/8" endmills would last the longest though, def fasted way to clear a lot of metal
most $$$, tho
rab: if you are interested in purchasing the 2L one, I'll sell you mine for whatever i paid
i dont think i will have time to get to the thing i wanted to do with it before summer
the spring loaded tool holder
yeah sec, also looking up what i paid

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er11 is up to 1/4"?
rab: prob more like careless and more interested in coverage than aesthetic
rattle cans are quick
yeah i have ER16 it does up to 3/8", didnt know how big ER11 could hold
you have an oven? or just gonna do it in the kitchen
pro powder coating is pretty cheap, short lead times, its prob pretty simple to get consistent
yeah is what i was thinking
toasters ovens work pretty well
the convection ones with fans, which is most of them now
3/8" EM is nice
i feel limited only being able to use up to 3/8"
well something like a fly cutter, or indicator holders, or edge finders
random shit like this isnt always easy to find in smaller straight shanks
rab: yes
its not impossible to find small shank tooling, but having the larger holders def gives more options

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that looks neat
thing i tried had this like microtexture, didnt want to go away
rab: thats just an ER extension?
how did you couple it?
rab: right thats why i said take a bunch of time
i dunno i think of most stuff in terms of relative time, painting is like 3 minutes, setup and cleanup
rab: timing belt shaft is just threaded into the back of the extension or something?
oh, shaft is same assembly? cool

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you just dont want a full length usb?
or an opan connector?
those entensions work most the time
its extruded Al?
might take awhile to get it sexy
well, compared to just painting

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rab: oh huh, like something for their giant clown phones
theyre big
thats nice, but huge
i like the female B dongle idea
i bet it costs 5x normal

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delrin body and some brass tubes
rab: the little corrugated rubber looking things are seals?
so they are flexible, neat
seems like lab style power connector
seems odd having banana on one end and seals on the other
man i dont understand
lab instructor says this weeks lab continuation of last weeks
but the report was due today
already turned in the report just dunno if i have to go to lab or not

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rab: like the tip plugs?
or ones with actual flared sides
oh wtf
i dont think ive ever seen that
rab: that would make him kind of normal =\
are the boots flexible?
or some sort of seal

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walls still have phone jacks?
4 pin?
i think ive just seen 3, like 0.75" spaced

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