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fuckin neighbor dog wont shut up

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it happens sometimes.

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old laptop model and compliance label prob rubbed away

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and he loves cars
like, hes not acting at all
top gear without him is a fucking joke
malaysia starts tomorrow so new drama to distract from it

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also, ive only seen this in two articles, but the cold cuts was maybe the last straw
something about the producer didnt show up for a taping the day before
theyre already in talks with netflix
yeah the specials are awesome
i was going to cancel my netflix since i have amazon prime but if they score jeremy richard and james theres no way im cancelling
waiting for old eps to appear on netflix was fucked i hated that
nyway, bbc wanted him gone
it was personal
they could have fined him $250k

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fuckin jeremy clarkson
yeah theyve said they wont do it without jeremy since the beginning
he said the same thing at the very beginning of this, too
about jeremy being a knob
theyre friends
punched a junior producer
thats it
i guess not
it wasnt clear until recently, but i guess the producer went to the emergency room

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also thunderhill is 30 minutes away from here, which is interesting

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like, if i could score a position at meyersound or similar with a BS mecha, i would prob eject from academics at least temp
there is also the benefit of staying in one place longer
if i decide to get an EE here
everyone else is like OMG THATS SO LONG im like, thank god everytime i have money saved up it gets wiped out moving

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id want to do the masters someplace else
anyway i start looking into it in a couple years
because if i want a phd
and it would be about teaching as much as saying i am both a high school dropout, and a fuckin dr
*wouldnt be about
but yeah mecha + EE would be like, 2/5 mechanical, 3/5 electronics, which i feel is a good representation of what i do
and if the EE stuff isnt so difficult because of experience, a few light semesters to complete the degree might be welcome
right its just about what i want to learn
the DSP stuff in EE isnt included in the mecha program
and the EE project would prob be a good experience
also by then who knows how i feel and what kind of work is available

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18:57 <@BlackMoon> "Customer data is being considered as an asset for sale as part of RadioShack's Chapter 11 bankruptcy auction."
why is this a surprise?
thats prob worth more than anything else they have
your shit is prob already out there anyway
mechatronics, its hybrid
i upload flowcharts
tekrad: highlighted is overlap
tekrad: i prob stick around an extra three semesters and get an EE, maybe a manufacturing minor
would still be done before 2020
yeah but i maybe want to do EE masters
like, not immediately after
but doing EE someplace else will take longer, not everything will direct transfer most likely

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i got 100% on the digital midterm, didnt study, havent done any of the uncollected homework
doing verilog now, never done, so thats not gonna fly anymore

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also i dont like chemistry
like, energy things make electrons pop off, i get it, want to move on
also the little kids suck at the online homework, i have the highest grade in the class and for the first half of the semester i didnt even have the right book
no im just good at standardized tests, i did above average on the exam but not great
but actually yeah, ive considered it for some stuff but i want to get another semester in
like, i could tutor intro graphics and digital logic

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the red thing turns the mount screws?
wtf thats awesome how come that isnt a thing
vid still does
i still use dvi
well, my shit is HD and hasnt died so whatevers

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yeah seriously
Three CPUs were offered: 166 MHz, 133MHz, and 100 MHz.
i hope you have the 166
i do like the aesthetic
get a pcmcia usb card
well, actually dont
does that shit even have an ethernet port?

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this is for warranty mod qualification
so its mostly about the marked engine, and the exact mileage
like, racoon come up rips off a sticker and im not covered
i added a qt in santa barbara
well, i topped it off there
by the time i was home, was a qt low
and that was all freeway miles, no canyon coming home
google says 500 miles
gets worse every trip

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because like, how do you rebuild an engine without having to replace a fuckton of other things besides pistons
and they pretty much got you hostage
well that i imagine is included, because if theyre not oversize pistons, i dont see the point
the girl said they wont need to change my oil
which is cool because fuck if im paying like $80 for them to change decent oil to tell me i have a problem i already know i have
so i has to decide to live with it, tho it prob gets worse, or get engine rebuild on a car i was planning to sell anyway
car runs awesome, which is the annoying part
rab: the test is they check oil level, seal and mark motor and dip stick, and you have to come back in like 1200 miles +/-100
which doesnt really work with my schedule but whatever
like, if youre eating 2-3qt every oil change, you dont qualify

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shawn286: significantly more than
when im actually working
rab: my car is involved in toyota oil consumption drama
ate >qt over 1000mi
i guess there are oil feed holes in the side of the piston in the oil ring groove
they get clogged
no they never made a turbo
its prob related to additives in the synth oil turning into a sediment gunk in certain oil systems
my car is 0w-20 and 5w-20, 0w-20 only comes in synth, i think you can get 5w in synth blend
anyway, is way worse than last trip, tho i did 50 miles of canyon twisties and hill climbing
the fix is new pistons, which to me sounds like drama

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i think you should value your time at $20/hr, decide this is a waste of time, and save your money for an external usb dvd writer
are you worth $4/hr?
if yes, just buy the external drive
rab: those are getting as difficult to come by as CRT TV on the street
i saw a tv on the street yesterday and thought how it was something i had not seen in a long time
TV or PC?
yeah i dont see them very much anymore, i think even poor people have upgraded to little flat thingsa

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youre not an american?
then why cant you spend money you dnt have
how will you compete?
maybe you are lucky and all cdrom lasers came from the same factory by then
lots of my data on cd doesnt work now
no scratches, just doesnt read
yeah i think rework would be involved
i just bought an LG USB dvdrw years ago, thats all i use
i ignore cdroms in laptops and pc
they just a fill a hole in the chassis

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