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i would just say thet the trig function in the original function apears in its derivative

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i should go get some beer to numb mclaren qual results

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you can get cad files for connectors
other packages are standard, it would be kind of silly to host 0805 models for all your parts
or to-220 models
zeeshan|2: im saying its done already
the models are available, theyre generic
pads and altium are okay

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well i dont think its going to flex perpendicular to thr parts
because connectors
so now maybe the board flexes in line with that caps
which to me seems how you would rip the terminals off the end of the foil layers
thicker PCB, more bosses, and/or something like a foam or rubber block to keep the board tensioned in one direction

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decoupling caps on same rail are fine same orientation close proximity, most everything else you are more likely to couple signals or noise like that
its way worse with through hole

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wtf @ passives all one way just because
thats some china shit
that was like the first thing i learned at lab job, china PCBA will look sexy in placement, but then you look at the routing and its like, spaghetti grounds and little logic to prioritization of trace routing
well i know rework people better and faster than both of us who dont trip, so try harder

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jero32: just because you have the right to do it doesnt mean its a good idea to do it
theres alreadt a fifth gear
so kimi
2nd gear is for lightly rubbing tires around hairpins into hills
otherwise 3rd gear seems pretty usefull, like 20-70mph

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so its like a microcontroller without the controller
er, yeah what you just said

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rab: so basically lemo connectors is the exciting part of the document

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rab: i dont think ch5 is a new device the completely blacked checklist items are diff heading and format than the three devices before it

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rab: heh, chapter 5

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oh i was commenting on the article
bbc is retarded
never should have been made public
the producers name shouldnt have been sprayed all over the media, and they just should have fined him like half the cost of his house
bbc and the producer are the only losers, enthusiasts are going to get a better show when they just move the four of them to netflix
really the future of stig is the only unknown
sadly i think they will lose the test track

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the producer?
everything i read, it sounds they plan to keep him and continue the show

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shawn286: hed get beat up again if he did
prob not an exageration
also his career is fucked, as hes going to lose his job when top gear is cancelled, and hes now known as the dude who got top gear cancelled

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rab: neat $0.50 chip
experiences with ti programmable stuff had me leaning towards external chargers
already have them for 18650 ecig

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rab: i think its a type of li-ion
think it was sculptor posted a lecture about diff li-ion formulations, obviously tesla buys the good ones and ford buys cheap dangerous shit
^page seems neat
and ford might be GM in previous statement, shrug
i think normal batteries are are lithium-cobalt

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