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or 1.8 millewatt-seconds
not that mW-s or mW*s are not the same as mW/s
dont feel so bad, a temp boss i had didnt get it, either
and he was a vp of engineering

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watts is number of electrons in a second
its a rate of energy usage
so you need to associate a time with it for it to equal a quantity of energy
i dont know what you mean by 60ns for 60s
500w * 60(10^-9)sec pulse per second * 60 seconds is...
1.8 millejoules of energy

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500w is a rate
this is hard to answer
a) its using 500w all the time. 500w * time is a unit of energy capacity. so it would use 500wH (watt-hours) in an hour, and 12,000wH in a day
b) its not going to be using 500w all the time. thats its max capacity, and normal usage will prob be like 10-50% of that, and heavily loaded maybe like 90% of that max
s/max\ capacity/max\ dissipation

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obviously not smoking enough herb if you can remember your dreams

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