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damn cheap
probably av40 style?
with the amps in one box, speaker cables to the second
id rather have the mackie version than the m-audio take on the theme
haha cool @ stereo reverse switch

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not yet
i put in tipoc

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macegr_: so they are learning about mass production at a CM!
no one thinks they will have to fly to china but everybody flys to china
always the mechanical engineers fault

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heh those were awesome
what happened to the $4M?

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macegr_: that could work people already use cig butts as earplugs

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timecop: i have etymotics cheapest earbuds, im really happy with them
timecop: wtf @ the cable end
that wont work with my phone case

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you probably didnt play tons of gran turismo and then pc sim racing, heh
blackmoon: if the car were geared shorter it would be worse
better acceleration, lower top speed, but chances are youre never getting towards top speed in either case
unloaded trucks are usually fun to drive tho
yeah i guess it depends if the added grip over the rear is more significant than the added lateral forces on the rear
timecop: those are probably good shit

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blackmoon: thats not very low, thats like 2400rpm in 4th at 100mph
does it have a 5th gear?\
so yeah its geared past 200mph
right so geared low would be closer to 100mph in top gear
like, fuck my gas and fuck my tires
right usually speed is used when describing gear, so long or high gearing would be higher speed, less power
like my car, 5th gear 60mph is 3000rpm
which is when it starts making power, redline is at ~120mph
and because its geared so low, it has enough power to actually get to 120mph quickly
downside is the manual version of the car gets significantly worse mileage than the automatic

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that should work
if a screw has paint on it dont touch that one

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electric braking at the wheels?
that shit would be so heavy
completely fuck your unsprung mass
oh wtf
why nut just use a solenoid
a solenoid with mechanical lockouts and another to disengage them
pretty big
that seems slow
if youre trying to save space and money
timecop: thats too har to reset
yeah but you would have to go very fast just to stop
this might not work a lot of time

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maybe it stops the car when the car is running

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heh, yeah how does that not wear out in dozens of uses
everyone knows theres no weed in jp

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heh special screw

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guys do wool socks make me weird?
more weird
yeah school is harder than work but im glad i dont have to go to work
tho i found out that the two people i couldn't stand at exexjob were removed from action
im being an irresponsible ass because im on irc instead of doing physics homework due like 3 days from now

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awkward ass kissy moment

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kevtris: autoplace autoroute?
yeah i dont think that header is going to work
thats a batch pcb submission?

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caesar chavez day
more like drugs and calculus 2 day
im so out of good coffee
and the bad coffee can fell behind the fridge
will most likely freakout and end up in jail by end of the day
or i guess i can make today drugs calc 2 and coffee roasting day

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but eventually those controlling the seperate systems will merge them in order to stabilize and equalize the profits
if humans survive indefinitely, eventually we will explore and capitalize on other universes
after galaxies, of course
alien cultures wont be an issue because we will just introduce formalized capitalism, and a few of them will destroy the rest to hang out with us

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rab: if shit he says is true, hes pwnt by the gov long ago
joellama: that system is basically how all of civilization and technology happened
its a pretty universal system
clearly exists in biological systems
eventually well branch out into space and deep sea, resource availability will spike, and things will be better in those places

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