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i have some natsemi lmxx stuff in a bin or baggie someplace
i might have an ad597 on a breakout somewhere, too
prob have opto-triacs and triacs someplace
something to hack together this weekend

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man fuck this heater controller
stupid bimetal plastic tip switch bullshit
wonder if i have any to92 temp sensors
and then...

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blackmoon: has power and glory switches

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they spent a lot of time on this
i havent read the datasheet or review other than to verify they filled them with bullshit
haha @ 3pin happyface connectors

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current transmission is a big, heavy, slow whale compared to the honda sticks ive driven
if youre unmatched enough, it just wont shift into gear
honda stuff, you hear the syncros spooling up like mad, and lever sucks itself into gear
between the lazy synchros and the fucked up over-sensitive over-filtered super-latent gas pedal, ive either improve my transmission skills
or ruined them

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its funny they will try and be asses on the freeway, cut in at high speeds and shit, or just keep trying to go faster
and my car sits at the bottom of its powerband at 60mph, so you floor it and itll go straight to 100 like whatever
theyre ugly and not fun
totally isolating
its like an anti driving experience
i guess my car uses as much sound isolation as the lexus shit, i hate it
cant hear the motor on a busy freeway, i redlined the fuck out of it in 3rd mergining right after i got it
didnt even realize, then i saw revs cut out like 3k, like hey car wtf
could have just killed me
tho engine blowing up prob be worse
if you want a hoopty to learn stick on, early 90s civics are way fun, stereotypic awesome honda transmission

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i wonder how well those systems do long term
prius motors are supposed to be stupid high mileage
it just uses the assist motor?
thats cool
this is kind of how i feel about current car
its like a 3 input diff
theres a 2nd motor involved
2nd electric motor
oh i thought you meant the gas motor
yeah its basically got all three motors into a diff setup, and at certain points one of the motors is going backwards
i think to unload the gas engine
its fucking goofy
but they must have overbuilt it because it doesnt seem to fuckup
most people drive them on freeways at max

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yeah i cant think of a car where i couldnt feel it
ha, like ERS in F1
yeah ive found that application cool but i dont thinkits very efficient
like, be able to set specific gear ratios would be awesome
yeah its a control thing
with a manual, you can basically put the car how you want it before shit happens
and then power delivery is consistent
a cvs, youre hoping it reacts how you want, instantly, like an auto
dunno how predictable a CVT is
yeha imagine its just about learning how they mapped it
right it should stay in the torque band

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yeah but its about practice
and eventually rev matching
which requires 3 feet
yeah just takes practice
i dont even handbrake on most hills
how well does it engine brake?
thats cool
its hybrid?
how is that not hybrid
you can drive a prius electric only?
didnt know that
thats significant
like the opposite of air conditioning
in your case its 10%, youd def feel it
he drove with a/c on all the time?

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crz is like 3200lbs, 140hp?
thats cool, more than a down payment on whatever
and no sale drama
i thought they were heavier
you liked the cvt?
google maps works fine
does he drive manual?
in your case i would get a second car

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theres no way they wont total that
even if the front unibody isnt fuck, the suspension is over
and replacing the front end components is prob close to $4000
just bumper, lights, trim
so yeah theyll total it
and it would blow minds if they found you at fault
yeah your fine, hopefully they figure out a rental quick
yeah but theyll usually get you back

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prob just the forces moving the stalk
kevtris: maybe not, that stuff is usually snap on
if i got in an accident prob half the shit on my tC would pop off

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we thought she an hero'd but someone found a recent police report where shes trying to beat up cops
blackmoon: when people found out, chan went nuts as expected
tho i only know one person who was justifyably angry
because she didnt tell him and she was planning on visiting him
that sucks
how do you like the crz?
and my guess is a girl was driving the tC
so yeah a girl
tC is always a girl
i may the only male owner
car mostly rotated?

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kevtris: doesnt seem like it
ha, only female engineer i've worked with was a lesbian
i did her before she looked like a boy
highly doubt that
and im guessing 95% of them still look like guys
inittab: ?
only one of i know of from irc was a gearhead
haha, jussie knew more about cars than most of #cars
#cars hated that

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oh, next physics is magnetism and electricity
and one after is light sound and heat
that seems less less boring
back to mostly invisible wizard hat shit
blackmoon: some some anime meetup shit
and kill every other guy that shows up
eventually a girl will show up
yeah i dunno if they even happen here
honestly i should prob take art classes, if im trying to meet girls
i like em goofy, also i like art
also theres tons of girls in art programs
theres like 3 girls in engineering programs
even my math course, 3 girls, 30 guys

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like, electronics shit, i figure it out, its like AAAAAAAW JEAAAH
but normal physics so far its like, okay it got bumped and swung this high
so fucking what
macegr_: honestly that doesnt sound like multiple semesters worth of drama
they need to know you give a shit
and they they need to know how much you give a shit
and then they need to know what happens when you stop giving a shit
ya truth

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i could just machine a mold
yeah totally
so yeah im not a huge fan of kinetics
sure that

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ha '...wanking device'
or at least a chassis
wtf is onihole
wtf is oni
what does my financial situation have to do with this
i could make one

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anyway car runs awesome, so im kind of worried they will fuck something while rebuilding it
also i wanted to sell it this summer so dunno what i want to do
needs a water pump (considered smart to replace after 100k), will need tires/brakes/shocks by end of the year
driven it like 60k and outside brake pads almost all there, its kind of wtf, mechanics say inside pads are fine

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and it explains why some people dont get all their rods plated
thats one so fuckin ugly
but yeah, mass production as fuck
blackmoon: i tell you about my car pistons?
i got a letter from scion like, were adjusting your warranty, if youre car has oil consumption issues, well replace the pistons when we make enough
so last trip, it ate a quart in less than 1000mi
blackmoon: something about the oil channels to the oil rings getting clogged and the oil rings going bad
well i think it has to do with synth oil
related to the sludge issues
like, i run the thinnest oil available
you cant get the lighter spec oil for the car in anything except synthetic
and the heavier spec oil is synth or blend

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like, some manager was like LETS GO WITH CAST
and all the engineers laughed, except one
well for forged, it would make sense for weight matching
add copper, quickly ream out of bearing holes, weight the shit
and yeah for cast the unplated surface hardening sound like some badass mass production engineering
easy, pretty fast, and cheap
theyd have to remove the copper before heat tho, no?
no they would cast, plate, machine bearing holes, heat treat
right im saying for forged, they would maybe do same shit without heat treating
just to get weight matched
because i cant think of a better way to add weight, its totally even distribution

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weird wonder what thats about
not enough to affect cooling of the piston
prob has to do with the metal they use
maybe something with the gas
trip the fuck out
i wonder how many dips max
weight matching actually makes sense
evenly distribute, can get them as dead on as you need
and it prob machines away super easy
to get it out of the bearing surfaces
oh fuck
so maybe it means theyre cast
and thats how they get the bearing surfaces hard without snapping every other rod

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that looks waaaay to big for a motorcycle i4 crank
this has all got to be smaller than im imagining
i gotta figure out what electives im going to take
fuck biological processes of civil engineering
are the rods plated or copper?

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jezus fuck
i guess because cheap connecting rod lowers would just breakup at high rpm if split?
im pretty sure thats standard on cars
cast or forged than machined
so the connecting rod is just captive and part of the assembly

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ha ew
tho yeah prob get a lot better response replacing some of that crank with plastic
shit looks huge compared to the piston
haha nice
does the lower connecting rod split?
or youre supposed to seperate the crank
its sold as a single assy?
its all press fit?
well right becaus the shit would just wear in days otherwise
theyre not 1 piece on the 4 cyl motors?

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damn thats a lot of crank

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blackmoon: oh crank bearings
blackmoon: maybe to keep the crank oriented the right way?
like, is it almost symmetric? heh
shrug, use of prexisting parts from inventory

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they smell and they use up all the water

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beverly glen doesnt end up in encino

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i was going to drive up the 5 on the way home from spring break, but friend in SB went through a thing and i had to visit
copper peach hair mentioned driving the 5 down, im like wtf why
'if we take the 101 down we hit traffic in south LA'
i did like, dotdotdot, but no time to explain to her that the 101 connects to the 5 via the 135 in the valley miles before that

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wait i dont understand why almonds and and cows are reaching critical mass
i think they mean how much is converted to undrinkable water
most of that water is ending up as cow poo and cow shit underneath cow oceans
which dont exist in my universe since i dont take the 5 or 99 anymore
macegr_ you dont really irrigate cows
okay true
yeah but you dont spray it on them
it wouldnt help
maybe at first but once it started drying out, it would prob make things worse
saving 2 hours isnt worth it
and from the bay area its prob only an hour

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tekrad: yeah vettel pwnt, and kimi came in 4th after a tire blowout
also both TR beat RB
so basically RB need to stfu about balance
theres a great pic of the renault and RB leads looking stupid in front of a monitor showing the ferrari win or something
after trying to pull a ferrari, i hope they get their asses kicked
like, no one gives a shit if red bulls out of F1
the rubber cups are

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and he called it chibi mustang, now thats what i think whenever i see them
p1 is $1.3M, F1 cars are prob multiple times that, and theyre not that reliable yet
2000 was prob EFI
pretty sure by 2000, they were all V10, which is still the fastest era of F1
the cars still arent faster than 2004
thats actually true now, especially since they arent allowed refueling in pit stops
drivers have map controls that will run the engine on less fuel

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blackmoon: thats how they do recovery in F1 now
turbo is coupled to a motor/generator
they also use the motor to spool up the turbo faster
same technology is used on the mclaren p1 hybrid
tecan: head is chibi buy body is not
heh, i pointed out to a friend how the 76 celica looks like a fastback mustang

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have not
yeah i dont like mining or building much and gun was easy to figure out
plus with all the pigs and bears seemed like a necessary skill
kbbl skewl

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aw fuck man this coffees bad
how do people drink this shit
o rite, with tons of milk and sugar

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dude this thing has been printing for 10 years i think its allowed to die
just doesnt work with the financial situation
i think its just dirty feed roller and sticky paper
i have to tear down the whole things, the simple dissassembly didnt allow access to much
halfway done!

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so my printer is only doing a page at a time in the feed tray
and i have to print 12 pages
this is going to take awhile =\
yeah, i gotta take it apart if i want to try and clean it better
still prints great
its the first samsung consumer laser printer =\
like 10 years old now
it might be the paper
it worked with the cheap recycled white paper before tho
i have an inkjet scanner printer, but i needs a need print head assembly

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tecan: old

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