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haha, old but still awesome
okay that einstein thing is weid

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thanks for remining to /set hide_colors on
newish shell

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before they die?
wow they suck
%Uis it case sensitive?%u
yeah i dont think we use same client

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kitchin is in the only room in the place besides the bathroom
like, bars are open
so i can get ripped off on appetizers with total shit service
i guess i could go shopping
_i only know how to do it like this and i dont think it works with spaces_
water is prob worse for squirrels than cats

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ha cool
get like > 1cm spark from that
yeah but you gotta do it just right
im hungry but all the places are closed and i dont want to clean kitchen
mini sink is annoying

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thats kind of debatable
hes sitting on 100kV referencing the ground, but the bird has nothing to do with the ground
whether you consider the air resistance to the ground, or the voltage diff between the birds feet, voltage drop across bird is effectively zero
ha, you have some high tension HV cable?
thats shits pretty cool
we had a few sections where i went for my electronics as
cross sections are nuts
and yeah even the thick shit bends, its trippy
whats the output on those?

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hehe, cool @ escape wheel saw
haha @ making washers and screws
so like, i tend to think most professional machinists are nuts
they all think clockmakers are nuts

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ive gone out of my way to avoid the local bass music weekly
there is a makerspace type thing on the other side of my parking lot fence, but they want $35 to allow me to volunteer for them for 4 hours a week
its like, 4 hours a week is maybe all the time i have
im going to tell them ill hang out and volunteer for free
4 hours
fuck if im going to pay them to not use the facility
they got cool shit, like almost everything you need to finish something no drama
seems like theyre involved with school tech clubs
which is cool
but my guess is theyre low on funds, and theyre already charging like theyre in san jose

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i fuckin lived in a cloud of that shit for a few years
as of last check, not dead
so far it doesnt matter
and what you describe almost accurately describes everyone
i want to go someplace but i dont want to spend money

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haha, its like shit just falls into cells powered by gravity

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anyway, i spent maybe $80 or $100 on their cheapest ones, regular dynamic drivers, i really like them
use em everyday
fuck man this dark roast variety pack leftover coffee is so fucking bad
shit is like starbucks in the 90s
literally tastes like carbon
Research at Brown university found that 10µm few-layered graphene flakes are able to pierce cell membranes in solution. They were observed to initially enter via sharp and jagged points, allowing graphene to be internalized in the cell. The physiological effects of this remain uncertain, and this remains a relatively unexplored field.

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all the jitter
DC to light
timecop: did you get those etymotics?
etymotics are credible
theyre reference
the higher end ones have multiple armature drivers
the ones you linked im not sure, they might be single armature
also, theyre measurably good, if you believe in corrected headphone curves
and compared to a lot of high end in ear monitors, the ones you linked are not expensive

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