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or there was a x-1 under a division sign somewhere and they didnt workaround

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prob a waste of time 99% of the time
and yeah, theres that
also in a rush when restuffing inventory
or just a mess from an ongoing project and eventually were scavenging for loose parts
i think i remember that, haha
200v precision filter
1% polypro caps make me happy
build xover, measure xover, xover acts like a simulation
feel like cant be real
like, going up?
that could be a problem

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sometimes brown red and orange can be confusing
tecan: a master has failed more times than a novice has even tried
i cant anymore
when i was working on through hole gear a ton i could
kevtris: yeah fuck the brown band man
guy who decided brown band is okay for 1% label is an asshole
blackmoon: at work i pretty much always measure after pulling from bags

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where the length versus strength is kind of low, and also its too big for the center punch to engage enough of the point
like, 1/16" drill not an issue, 3/8" drill not an issue
hehe, ive never encountered one of those at work that wasnt burnt up to some degree

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thetes not really a cutting surface on the very point
right but its like holding the chisel backwards
they dont really cut at first as much as smash to engage the flutes
anyway, its worse with horror fate sourced drills, but ive had it happen with american drills from enco
so i just consider it a deflection issue, maybe it has to do with how perpendicular i had the punch, maybe the drills were asymetrically worn even tho still sharp
and it seems to be worst with like, 1/8" to maybe like 5/16" drills

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i think the issue is usually the flute catching one side of the center punch before the other flute, and then pulling the other flute into the work off center
so basically have to perfectly align with the center punch
i dont get it
but yeah, youre maybe right blackmoon
but its a random thing
like 1/10 of my drills will be off, and i feel like im doing them all same way
and i dont think its wear because drills after will be fine
so my guess has always been one flute catches before the other
it does =(
and yeah its like a random issue for me
blackmoon: right, stub and center drills are what i do
and never have the issue
kevtris: by cutting them?
yeah the tip geometry would be funky
but normal drill tip geometry is kind of funky

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i just oversize holes when i do templates
and the problem isnt as bad when i use stub drills or center drills first
but i dont expect standard drills to go dead center into a center punch anymore
yeah that works
drills tips dont cut as much as they smash, so center drilling allows the drill flutes to engage from the first go
and yeah its not a problem with pilot or center drills

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right so usually the fixture is referencing the machine and the part is mounted in the fixture
if youre using like like 1/2" plate, and its not very wide, its probably going to be fine
the fixtures and bushings are basically to prevent misalignment
from my understanding, the problem with the drill fixtures on projects ive been on was either how the part was inconsistently held in the fixture
or too much variation in the cast part
ive not had the greatest luck getting center punched drills consistently dead center
tho this is using bigger drills than 1mm
yeah thats basically the issues ive had
and one of the reasons drill bushings are used

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psi: you want a drill fixture for production?
this is actually super common in mass production
you machine the fixture and drop in drill bushings, and then you just drill into the bushings
like any fixturing, initial fabrication, setup, and wear are factors
but this is how a lot of stuff gets made
like, you use the cnc once and you can have fairly unskilled labor pop off hundreds of parts on a manual machine without issue
rab: yeah but aluminum plate would be fine
steel would obviously be better, but ive seen aluminum drill fixtures with stainless bushings
there really isnt a ton of side loading

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haha @ GPF
wonder how many times he facedesked before figuring that out
wish that guy would idle more

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its basically a run away situation until the source energy is depleted or cut off
right i basically think its like lighting
im just guessing

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i think it may just be heat energizing the air
ripping molecule aparts so the electrons can move
i dont think its the same as electromagnetic transmission, i think the plasma just turns the air into a low resistance path
like a controlled arc flash

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how is the laser energy converted back?
and they use that for RC shit?
seems like it would be really destructive on something that isnt stationary, if youre using it for power and not control
maybe i misunderstood

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this is a thing?
this seems like a really dangerous thing

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holy shit i thought it was a kite and then fighter jets
or something jets wtf are those

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readerror: can you feed it metcal tips?
cool shit
kinda looks like a square penis
from the side
ha, fuck yeah

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