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youre prob going to have problems
xanix: no pls stop
pls to deposit furby in the trash

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yeah but youre canadian
they know youre incapable of being angry for extended periods of time

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bitchin, best buy free shipping is like GET IT BY NEXT WED, YO!

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i think i might be dehydrated
cant remember having anything besides tap water coffee today
gotta go fill my jugs bbl

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shawn286: your welcome
kevtris: k i go buy some water come back start messing with it
woke up from nap, feel stoned as fuck, havent smoked anything in like a week
yeah maybe

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well, one input per bit
thats verilog or vhdl?
hmm weird ill have to pick the line apart
i think thats what the xor is doing
right, for the lab we just chop off two of the adder module
1 bit adders
and then xor one of the inputs to each adder bit
i think im just having a signed/unsigned issue for the $monitor line or who knows

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blackmoon: signed versus unsigned in verilog?
gotta turn a 6 bit adder into a 4 bit adder/subtractor, dump to console w/ $monitor, changing to 4 bit adder was obviously easy, but addsub fucks up, i imagine because of signed versus nonsigned issue
need to go get some water or may die bbl
kevtris: ^
youre laughing because this is something obvious and easy to fix no?
what do you mean?
you xor one of the inputs with the sub flag

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pasta in your msg window
thats a really odd question
i think you should just make a 130R
oh its like that?
electronics costs money
dig the honesty
we dont know what you have available
nor do we store the schematics in our heads
welcome to efnet
dont be a zeeshan and think we need to hold you hand
thats what freenode is for

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nico: mfkr
also, hi
fuck i thinki am dehydrated
blackmoon: ebay dude finally got back

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dunno hot dogs in toaster ovens are pretty good
not that ive done that in like 10 years

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im hungry

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blackmoon: kevtris: you guys used verilog or vhdl?
after nap i prob have verilog question about signed values

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sculptor: cool, curious to see what you think
summer work likely to be tons of headphones again

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semi open noise isolating?
cmon now...
they might be but that line is kind of bullshit
that headband looks interesting
pad block in the middle bothers me
maybe that wouldnt
i dont care about amazon show me head fi
wish i could stay gotta go
and for $30 if theyre good thats an awesome deal
the ticks are 10dB
anyway gotta go this is too interesting bye!

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