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i might actually try it

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oh man
i never thought of using red bull in my french press
i hope red bull buys formula 1, they seem to be a good promoters
theyre a crybaby racing team

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macegr: so the input sections arent the same?
danielson: prob not a horrible thing
well, sometimes
has anyone done freq response on the input section?
i assumed it was the same scope with a software gimp
right but its possibly because of the components used

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they tend to be big mechanical assemblies, and a lot of designs have a big heigh adjustment ring thats threaded
needs to be kind of big so turning isnt a pain
i gotta go pickup other box
danielson: neat what did you get
is your work poor?

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would need space for the tonearm at least

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blackmoon: heh
78s are an old standard, theyre only long enough for a single song

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blackmoon: basically its an SL1200 clone, but with an integrated phono preamp, integrated USB audio output, has selectable 10%/20% pitch control and center lock button (sl1200 doesnt let you select range), does 78rpm when you press both speed buttons (sl1200 is 33/45 only), has a direction reverse switch
and is $250
1200s were well above $500 and since discontinued go for towards $1000
for a 70s design, doesnt even have integrated riaa preamp
like, this basically feels like what technics should have done with the 1200 to keep it profitable

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it doesnt have the heavy rubber base
just plastic, so they either used weights or its all in the aluminum top half of the chassis
the feet seem okay
the hinges for the cover just slide in so you dont have to unscrew them
on sl1200 if you removed the hinge assembly from the outside, it left a steel mounting plate loose on the inside
the on/off switch seems a bit cheaper, the tonearm assembly seems cool
they shipped both boxes seperately, wanted both to go to a local fedex office

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holy fuck
AT-LP120-USB is definitely as heavy as SL1200mk2

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for transients yeah but the response isnt always fast enough
they make transient supression diodes which are specific for that application
you can use two zener in series in reversed orientation to clamp positive and negative voltages

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the regulation curve is on crack
if you add a pass transistor its actually a decent reg
now zener current only changes by your output current divided by beta
so like, 50 to 1000 times less change in zener current
if you darlington, maybe like 500 to 3000 times less
yeah gotta make sure youre past the knee, way under max
because lots of protection

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fedex driver may have robbed me
box says 2 of 2, i dont know if that means theres two tracking numbers associated with this shipment
or if theres two boxes associated with the tracking number
thats about the same as the 2nd edition

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ha nice
how did i get penned
oh joe did it

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