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pits done, mercedes gonna win it unless they fuck up or completely ruin tires
looks like mclarens finish ahead of marussia, no blowups yet

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thats good marketing
cant let the mechanical engineers get rusty
alsp package designers
crashor punted himself
didnt beach it

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hamiltons trying to push nico back into the ferraris, radio told him to speed the fuck up or theyre going to give priority strategy to nico
3 and 4, chance to win, wont know until next put mixup
mercedes maybe threw it away on driver in fighting
dickbutt is ferraris, mercedes is just a pair of assholes
team managers told press 'we told nico to be himself, so yeah this weekend hes been an annoying little shit'
before the season ends nico is gonna end up crying
crybaby called to pit

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tekrad: hamilton rosberg vettel raikonnen within like 5 secs at front
halfway done, ferraris going longer on tires, one pit stop left
one red bull blown up
massa 25sec behind kimi
dickbutt racing might win

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fuck, i sat down to look up sticky rice water ratio and i ended up finishing the upcoming logic lab assignment

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that sounds fun

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were starting to do shit with integrals instead of just integrals so im just throwing shit into wolfram alpha or my calc to figure it out
interested to see how she grades it
prob just fucks me on the final
did your school do +/- grades?
no like, can you get a 3.5 in a class
lots of schools dont
guess so
uc santa cruz is all pass/fail unless you specifically request pr are doing stem
i have ti impliment a decoder in logisim
i thought it was going to be a verilog project now im just connecting dots

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danielson: your schematic is ugly
i mean the style more than the software
transistor with its butt all up in the air
its not that bad, i think was the yellow too
also i like it when the bridge is oriented with the + and - verticle and ac coming in from sides, shrug
i have to redraw parts in eagle so line width matches net width
want to learn how kicad sucks soon
physics and calc2 are sucking my life away tho
when i do digital logic work i feel guilty because its fun =\

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and it should be mapped against income geography and school funding
dude what kid is going to click no where it asks if they are 18
thats half of it
the other half is to cover up county fuckups or just messed up policy
it keeps shit out of the news
the kids identities need to be protected but the situations need to be reported on somehow
the only news in LA you hear is the head of dep of childrens and family services stepping down every two or three years
yeah i didnt care so much
kind of blew me away how important this specific persons naked body mattered more
not like it was christina ricci

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okay homeless dudes punching little kids with a bottle of whiskey
eventually you know underage drinking will happen, give it enough episodes
like, theres no sexual abuse involved people wont care that long
danielson: i dunno man
that punch meant way more to that kid than to shaq
well, kid made shaq his bitch
thats kind of indisputable, that can get you pretty far in life
shaq just had to look stupid for a couple seconds
anyway, people should know about fucked up shit happening to kids

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TEL ME THE WEATHER unfunfunfunfunf
er, finance
eheheh show me the moneys unfunfunfunf
xanix: well if fapping to punching kids keeps them from punching kids in real life
its a net positive, no?
kids didnt get punched in the face
but it already happened
and maybe THE SANE PEOPLE who there are more of, kinda, will go, 'hey maybe we should like, do something about this problem. kid got punched'
naw man turn it into hiroshima
fuckin china syndrome that shit so people cant even talk about other shit without feeling guilty
dude bum fights + kid punching

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some dude instained the baby
they blurred the kid
rab: under danielsons
people should know about it
childrens court cases should be released in a timely manner with identify sensitive info redacted
shit that goes down in childrens court is the biggest secret in the country, lots of shit would prob change if the general population knew
xanix: why are you posting it in an irc channel if you dont think it should be spread
irc is almost as bad as reddit
honestly, i dont see the difference
whats wrong with needle fetish?
if youre doing it to yourself or someone is into it?
cnn ratings are prob like 80% fap
dude ive prob fapped to christine romans
early 00s, i bet dozens of times

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he split the diff i guess just to make it consistent
i rabbed and didnt explain situation but fuckit we are still tlaking about blogger webware
because of random bonding of organic molecules into something cohesive and systematic enough to form a people sized conciousness out of a system of particle conciousness
they dont teach this in high school anymore?

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you know once i would have considered that badass dpi
testing on google phone
redirs to linear format blog on phone
why didnt you teach him how to zoom all the pages
or set a min dpi
i guess because old
request for desktop site is ignored
colinoflynn blogsite sucks
light grey on dark grey is usually okay

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rab: wow that sounds shitt re: avrfreaks.net
rab: that makes it look like a smaller community than it is, and also dated
i use easynews i prob helped it go to shit
its not quite the right red
ya i know
maybe he has so much dpi

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it uses an incadescent for the stylus light
so that will die and it will seem even more authentic
white and yellow or amber LED would have been nice unless it costs more

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heh, reverse feature on atlp120 + full cut eq is fun
and its plastic upper, not cast aluminum, the table is aluminum, it has a heavy steel shield on the plastic base thats spring grounded to the analog electronics
the same shield ground as the analog electronics, and the tonearm mechanicals look a fuck ton simpler than the 1200, but similar
also they used loose brass ferruls in the self tapping screw that hold the chassis upper and lower together
with no retaining feature, so you lift the bottom off the top and the ferruls just fall in, i didnt know
i put that shit back together and flipped it over and it rattled im like wt eh
took me forever to figure out where they go
they look too small to fit around the screw so i tried that idea last
perfect fit

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wow thats like another level of fucked up
can you like, reverse commision the guy
you lost us $x, so now you owe us 10% of $x.

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macegr: time to have a sale =\
yeah it does, getting rid of them quick undercuts future macegr
yeah that might not work out well

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LA is far =(

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its my fun class
ive not done any of the uncollected homework
scored perfect perfect on one test and close on the first

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the signed unsigned thing just mattered for how it was displayed shit works fine
this is definitelly a lot less crackish than the ladder bullshit
turning existing 6 bit adder into 4 bit adder/subtractor
so nothing, basically
its an intro logic class, you do simple combinational stuff with 74 series dip on solderless breadboard
and half way through you switch to verilog
which is kind of cool

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oh man cmd.exe just system beeped through my monitor speakers
that was not cool
k figured ouot the verilog thing

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blackmoon: neat vid
with the big springs around the nozzle?
by the 90s those were only at really cheap stations

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ive never had a gas pump overfill my tank
and yeah those vapor collectors work
i miss gasoline smell
its gotta be legislated here i dont think ive seen a pump without a vapor system since the 90s

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