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because people do what they want
also neutral is effectively treated as hot most of the time
on us 240v, both sides are hot

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ha fucked

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hence mad hatters
i think it just divides into smaller bearings until its permeable
thats how it went away
smaller and smaller balls until itd fall into cracks and seams between the drain and porcelain
i dont like chemistry
they prob have the most fucked up horror stories by far
the ones where they fuck up trying to synthesize recreation drugs and end up with weird neurological disorders are almost funny
this is why im not into pills, or flavor additives and preservatives
they never know how this shit fucks people up until it fucks a lot of people up the same way

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and if competitor lab tests something reworked, because who knows why, job can get fucked
honestly itd never happen for small scale lead solder use
but compliance, youll get fucked
behringer will copy your shit and take their copy to thre lab and when it fails, theyll test yours
and when yours fails, theyll sue you
youre fine zee
youre not stupid youre an asshole
i used to play with mercury in the sink, shrug

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meh, if its production stuff ill rework with lead free
if its for in house, i use lead for everything
joellama: i dont fuck with lead free if i can avoid it
zeeshan: of course
it doesnt give you cancer
it makes you retarded
you can still by 63/37 kester from mcmaster
ive never had problem getting tin lead solder
every lab ive worked in has both
when ive run field rework missions, i bring lead free
well whatever, the rules are the rules

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thats so fucked, 'took on mclarens and lost' from official f1
instead of 'punted by a mclaren'
they use those magnet bars?
or its like a paint mixer
ha goofy

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official f1 app didnt put crashtor in last place, it put him in 99th
fuck cant find it
official F1 tweeted some jokes about crashtor
and like, the last accident was buttons fault

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google doesnt have picks of the old subwoofer electronics
i dunno what that is but it looks cool
subwoofers need more belts and pulleys
http://www.retroaudiolab.com/vm730.htm tape mucheen

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soft troll gettin softer

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wizard shit
logic analyzers
youre effectively scrooge mcduck compared to rab in this area

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zeeshan: an MCU is cpu based
cpu have associated program counters and registers and do one thing at a time
and tend to work on memory slower than its own registers
in an FPGA, you dont have to deal with that drama, you just do what you want directly
combinational logic in an FPGA can actually accomplish many big things in a single clock cycle
cpu usually does one thing, and maybe whatever the peripherals were previously commanded to do
right because you want to perform several simple processes at once
a cpu would have to figure it out one at a time, and by the the data is old

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the answer to your question is yes and no
depending on signals and mcu
fpga can impliment custom sequential and combinational logic
an mcu needs to be driven by a mcu
and mcu can parallel process if it has the peripherals setup for it
and sending comm data isnt really processing
you can DMA link some comm peripherals and have a few signals received and sent with no cpu processing
if you need 40 counters and 100 comparators
would be like 20 MCU
or one FPGA
i think PLC is processors acting like logic
you can program PLC in C
they just have ladder mode because old people
heavy industry dinosaurs
industrial microcontroller in a box

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rab: did you have a krk10s for repair?
i cant remember if the connectors are on their own board or part of the preamp board (do not want)
other hacker prob know he always talking shit about it
hmm, fixed itself again
maybe this time forever
shit in parallel

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hmm not the monitor XLR connector because it followed the cable, swapped the cable at the subwoofer end and now its gone
maybe some rubbed through something oxidized, shrug
so maybe XLR outs on the sub, and when i wiggled at the monitor XLR the cable was bumping into the other end
yeah happening, follows sub XLR out
sub output not cutting so its not the inputs
ha, theyre not neutrik either
fuckin larry

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man i dont want to cutup a good miniplug to miniplug
fuckit, bass
oh man this mini to 1/4" is loose like whoopi

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i just keep finding more xlr to xlr cables
and TS end cables
heh, have a female XLR end and a mini to 1/4" TRS adapter

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wonder if i have any frmalr XLR to TRS
parco: ask rab
i only have more XLR cables and spare XLR ends
i just want music
like, tactile music
with a crossover
$0.66 off, nice

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hmm fuck
microphonic breakup on left monitor when running out the sub into XLR in, didnt happen when direct from the audio interface into RTS
i wiggled the XLR, breaks up, im like fuck yeah fix cable, open cable and its perfect, erotic even, because i made it
the XLR doesnt have a neutrik stamp
denkishi: prob just the contacts

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no, just chinese

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macegr: or any social situations

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jero32: imagine doing angular maths without everything related to pi

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a lot of the other things you learn with logs would work with any log base, but not that
19:59 < Sculptor> log base a b = ln b / ln a
like, i'm not sure that needs to end up as log_e(b)/log_e(a)
it ln = log_e
it could work to change it to any log base
sculptor: i dunno innits server is on GMT or who knows
yeah, with y being whatever the fuck you want
in math shit now

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right because base e was chosen for natural log, it doesnt state why e was chosen
log base 10 is 1 only for 10, shrug
well obviously, because n^1 = n
they do a bit, it takes a lot of time
but basically, when its introduced in calc, the unique thing about it is e^x = the derivative of e^x = the integral of e^x

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actually yeah thats prob the best way to define it
the slope of e^x at x and the area of the curve e^x from 0 to x are found by e^x
sculptor: thats about as useful as saying that the natural log of e is 1
which is a math teacher troll answer, all that means is log_n(n) = 1
which isnt unique to e, and doesnt say why e was chosen for the natural log
ive had two math teacher chuckle while answering like this

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blackmoon: i go back and forth between intuitively understanding and being confused when thinking about it
so yes, weird stuff

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its basically a way to relate logarithmic values to 1
like, the definitions can be a bit circular
like, in differential and integral calculus, the derivative of e^x = e^x
so the integral of e^x is e^x
i dont think that works for any other value

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yeah but if you can look at the equation and see what is more significant, and what is proportional and what is inversely proportional, and what causes offsets in values
and what shit controbutes more because of exponents, youre going to save a lot of time
right e is related to how logs and exponents are related to everything else in calculus
like, before calc, log is assumed to be log_10
in calc, you assume log_e
log(e) = 1
its like asking what pi is

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i cant stand non-applied math, but i get the point of it
in physics, you dont run into edge cases when working problems as much
but saying at some point its philosophy is kinda of pointless, because right after being taught a theorem, youre usually taught an application that would be next to impossible to figure out without it
which is the same as grade school
oh, i think AoE is mostly algebra
well, you should get the math part of it
even if you dont totally understand the relations
reworking the equations will help you understand relations

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i use it a lot as a lecture supplement
jero32: review the precalc stuff
factoring polynomials and rational functions, also get comfy with logs and exponents
right but its the difficult part of advanced math
if youre not quick at the advanced algebra stuff, youre going to get stuck a lot in calc
calc concepts are easy, working calc problems gets hard because of the advanced algebra
its not philosophy
or it always was
which wont help at certain points
all of it
the shit that sucks are the edge cases
but they come up
like, sometimes there are divide by zero cases or similar that matter irl, sometimes you can just ignore them, sometimes you have to know how to massage the trig to get the answer thats appropriate

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sculptor: prob not nearly as much as typical small scale production processing
i pay for small batch raw coffee, its pretty much the same price as factory roasted coffee
sifting through elephant poo for random beans is going to take a lot more time
sculptor: who will?
sculptor: i dont just grind my own coffee i roast it
even supermarket beans you can look at it and know if its coffee beans or not
local supermarket has light roast hawaiian now, im excited
they prob rinse it
supposedly the digestion is what does it
anyway, most people whove had it are prob used to factory dark roast
so any decent light or med roast would taste like magic
jero32: take math courses?
or khanacademy.com

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tecan: ew
yeah seems to be working out for the elphant keepers
i guess the civet farms were frauds, imagine that
"And there are lingering notes of chocolate," he adds, with the playful glint in his eye.
=( =( =(
and how is the price of the end product unjustified?
its small production and you gotta be a rich fuck to want to do something like that to yourself

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