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couldnt you debugwire with that?
atmel-ice is just jtag-ice redo, no?
they ended up undercutting it with the dragon, but dragon didnt survive esd for shit
so the extra $40 is for cables?
hes live, healthy is debatable
he seems physically okay

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thats so cheap compared to before
in either case, that shit is way cheaper than it used to be
it was 3x or 4x that
it was just a programmer
which is what most people are prob buying the ice for anyway
but they did have a justification for the cost

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they have a replacement?
thats the jtag thing, no?
maybe they decided they lost the hobby market to arduinos
buy an atmel-ice
which has to have come down in proce, i remember it being something fucked, like $300+

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i would make sure to let them know, and to tell them next time youll update the drawing but please ask for clarification if things conflict
the other side of that is it could end up causing a delay because they get paranoid
but if youre tight on money its prob better
ha, yeah you make a minor stink about stuff like that, and let them do something to make it better
haha cool, i bet they love you
thats like the nicest thing you can do for a CM
in your case it probably translates directly into a few sales
was that the serial one?

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they gave you a deal and didnt understand why you werent happy?
its a legal thing
in the end theyll always try and hit the drawing spec, because you can't blame them for that
just redline the PDF with a note nest time
if you dont want to actually change it
they're usually okay with that
yeah thats best honestly, if they fuck up you can throw that in their face and theyll fix it for free or at least cheaper
honestly it happens all the time, everyone hates updating drawings
this is what the green ME wake up in the morning and go FUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuu about
and yeah if its conflicting, no one really wins
like, i think if it gets really technical, legal all the contracts are void

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my friend got an american porcelain coated iron pot
thing is so sexy
i like it better than his cast iron pan
gotta convince his wife to get him a pan like that
is that the whole story?
'a bit'
32mm is what they delivered or what you wanted?

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oven works out better anyway, i can do potatos and eggs in pan while its in oven

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did you try boiling or something?
my wost oven bacon is on par with best pan bacon
yeah i imagine you have to get the temp perfect from the start, not like you can adjust that on time
and slow ramp would take forever
at 350 you cant burn it, its like how long do you want to wait
honestly that makes sense itll keep the temp low until the fat is in the pan
i have aluminum nonstick pan, i start real low until theres fat in the pan, then i go medium

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ac-130u: 350F, little less than 30 minutes for crispy
zero burnage, no sediment in the fat

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yeah they totally lucked out on that one

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the police suge knighted a suspect?
oh man
suge knights a teddy bear compared to this guy
holy fuck into a wall
he tried to put the guy into a wall
a bit
'even the suspect is safe'

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i like
if you can afford the tek do it
like, they just work and have all the features you can think of wanting to use
theyre kind of boring to use because of it
dunno the model, but they make an isolated input battery powered one, its like having a factory floated scope <3

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you need 4ch?

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theyre going to have to redo it anyway
definitely when it kills someone
china isnt japan, and a lot of the smaller countries can be worse
zzzz_: thats kind of standard issue addordable new scope
blackmoon: so you think before?
right the video starts silly
and then it turns jezus mfk scary real quick
zzzz_: i mostly use an older analog tektronic with a digital storage mode
i have a cheapshit older rigol, i dont use it much

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yeah the wires on the far side are homocide
the cables had to have come after
the comm stuff
the HV shit, i dunno they could have put a plastic roof at least
and then broke through?
looks done after the fact
ya true

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seto_kaib: eheheheh
kevtris: haha those gotta be comm cables
oh jezus fuck not the ones on the other side
kevtris: fuck that i take my chances playing frogger

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Expected Family Contribution: $4129
was like $22k last year, almost none of my loans subsidized
timecop: ^5

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i would just hot extension except i need the return to complete fafsa app
not like im paying them now...
im hoping they just send me a letter saying they added to my tab, like last year

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yeah thats just technical
and art as a career has a lot to do with marketing and technique
fuckin taxes

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but yeah, learning electronics was probably the single most helpful thing
like, something to apply 3am brain spin to
if not that, i prob would have ended up in IT or doing auto mechanic stuff
IT maybe would have been the smart thing, money wise
electronics was just so fuckin rad, tho
im kind of a pussy when it comes to creative expression, otherwise music would have prob been cool

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wrong client
my dad was a licensed pharmacist and a crack head, and weighed over 400 lbs probably a few times, dude was 5'4"
so yeah, prob have addiction issues
i dont seem to have alcohol issues tho
thank god

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melatonin is prob something i should look into, tho
i quit herb and sometimes my hip pain hurts more, but i can deal with that
i quit herb and over time, sleep issues get worse not better, i cant deal with that
having shit like electronics to do at 3am helped a lot
ive never been good at rationing it
ive never tried that hard, though

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right but thats why i think the awareness is important, you have a chance at seeing whats chemical
thats why i think schizos are so fucked by weed
their awareness of everything is usually tweaked
so throw another variable in the mix and its like reactions and compensation might as well be random
so if you life is characterizing and adapting to patterns in the chaos, fuzzing that prob doesnt work out

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haha, when people flip out on herb, i kind of feel bad, like their free running thoughts are probably way paranoid
like, the paranoia thing is attaching thoughts to feelings that dont necessarily have a cause
like, i like being stoned, im not a fan of getting stoned, i dont like the delta
physiological reaction is kind of similar to be in an anxiety inducing situation
so if youre dumb, you think of paranoid shit and go, hey it must be true and thats why i feel like this
it goes away in a couple minutes if you dont do that
right, it would be a sound conclusion maybe, if you werent getting stoned
like, smoking weed around people youre not comfortable around is asking for issues
the anxiety might not be misplaced in that situation, but you maybe ignore it because this is sometimes how being stoned feels
so yeah, self and situation awareness seem to be big

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not always regular, prob not enough, but a safe amount
its no diff than people who drinks 3 or 4 a night
someone who drinks 3 or 4 at once, once per week, is going to get much more fucked up
but yeah, anything else for sleep leaves me feeling a lot less functional, stupider, def bad on memory
schizos are triggered by damn near everything, though

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but yeah its prob a good idea to try it
because i wouldnt mind cutting down on herb, but i dont sleep
so its awesome at first but then it runs me down if im busy (like now)
and i actually feel more stoned, like part of my 'stoned' feeling in life is actually lack of sleep
i dont really diff unless im sober from herb
but yeah weed wakes my ass up until ive had a fuck ton
which is pretty typical of people i know who use it more of a psychotropic sense
like, maintaining levels
so you *dont* feel stoned, or big differences from moment to moment
naw [11] is like, 3 dabs of 90%+ concentrate
feels like stoned at 13
i forgot what it was like, tried to watch a movie at a friends, woke up in the morning instead
like that was the concious progression
catbyte: yeah basically
denkishi: basically maintain your levels at a [3] due to tolerance and THC PWM
naw i sleep well now

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honestly theres to many other variables to say if im doing it to myself
but even when ive stayed away from cafeinne and gotten decent excersize, sometimes i just lie there and nothing happens
i do now so i dont stress over it or to tire myself out a bit
like, it almost seems like i want to be on a 48 hour schedule, but the long sleep between two day stints tends to fuck schedules
no do something else to accupy myself
instead of stress out in bed
ill lie in bed and not sleep fine, but if im anxious over it ill get up
right this has been normal since long as i could remember
when i was a kid i would stress out over it
and the stress would fuck me up, because id be exhausted plus no sleep
i just dont trip now
in general tho, if i smoking even just a bit, falling asleep and staying asleep isnt an issue
also i dont have to remember dreams
no i should
because its next to impossible for me to dose weed affordable
between 200 and 220
ill def research before i start

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so fuck him, troll wins
denkishi-: lots of programmers smoke like fish
right you cant really rely solely on motivation because a lot of times it wont be there
sometimes when youre stoned, you just have to do shit because you have to
it builds discipline
anyway i dont sleep well when im not smoking
my whole life
when i dont smoke now, and i cant sleep, i dont stress over it like when i was a kid
and can go few days on minimal sleep
but yeah its tough
like, fucked up levels of self awareness to not do stupid shit
i just dont

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blackmoon: zee said that potheads could not be useful or functional
to which i noted that i was useless and could not function on prescribed medication
and was fine smoking herb, finished several academic programs and scored the exact jobs i wanted several times
so he decided i was mentally unstable and had issues
but yeah, funny how he considers you knowledgable and experienced, yet thinks potheads are basically non-functional and useless
maybe he doesnt know
which would back up my statement that he prob doesnt know everyone in his life who smokes, especially considering his predjudice view
specifically what?
blackmoon: hes also stated several times that we help no one in here and were just a bunch of assholes

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dude everuone here knows about my background
i never said i had issues
but since youre going on about drama an exagerating as normal
yes because quitting debilitating physchotropes over a decade ago and complete several academic dream jobs is telling people i have issues
love how zee has to twist everything i say to make points, and i just have to repeat his shit word for word
yes because quitting debilitating physchotropes over a decade ago and complete several academic programs and getting dream jobs is telling people i have issues
like this is news to regs here, ive been in here almost the entire time

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reverse tower defence

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