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that sounds kinda good right now
its a 10min drive, single offramp away
kind of pricey tho
maybe heart attacks?

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in n out

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at least you can put your penis in a butthole
also supposedly this is how your brain figures out if the person has compatible and complementary immune system
but like, wtf feet

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tek dpo, sexy
efsnable: GoT feet?
wikifeet does not use wikimedia software
you can sort by shoe size, thats prob useful for feet people

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looks like the bridge of the millenium falcon
at that price it wouldnt bet on accuracy, you can check
but id expect it to last way longer
oh wtf

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we have to come up with original polar plot that starts and ends at same point
this is a 7 point hibiscus leaf
hey im a geek not a nerd
a mastech triple output that i dont like, and pair of fixed 24V 150W supplies
i dont think ive ever heard anyone complain about hp/agilent digital supplies, generators or dmm

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because OD of drill is less than major diamater of threads?

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thats some crazy shit, youll have to let me know how it works out
haha you like your power supplies like your ham recievers, no?
one of those prob work pretty well

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zzzz_: http://www.circuitspecialists.com/bench-top-power-supplies
ive bought from both those places for work, the supplies are pretty rugged
i dont trust mastech much, my mastech supply does funny things, sometimes regulation isnt great with varying loads

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heh 'bromination of isobutane'
fuckin chem, wtf does this have to do with two headed cows

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theres a lot of stuff like that, little cheaper, little more, slight diff in features
like that one i dont think does min/max/avg functions
so maybe get one really cheap fluke, and one with a set of features you like, thermocouples, freq counters, backlights, whatever youre into and can afford
having two DMM can come in handy
for a signal generator, ebay for some lab stuff, or just look into a usb thing
most stuff i do, either have an aquisition box that does generation or software is pushing standard audio interfaces

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would consider a pair of cheap flukes over a single more expensive one

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youre going to get that tek scope?
yeah if youre doing a whole lab, the rigol will def work with your budget better
well, if you want a scope that will last you a decade+ with daily use, the tek is probably better
the rigol will prob last a long time though, so you can get the tek later if youre still into electronics and feel like itd be worth it
like, the diff in cost is prob going to be a hot air rework station, a regulated hakko iron, and a cheap fluke dmm
i wouldnt cheap out on dmm, you can get decent stuff for under $200

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zzzz_: some of my stuff is from ebay, some from ham swap meet, some stuff is junk from when work closed down a warehouse
when i buy stuff for work, we usually try to get it from an official distributor, ive used ebay
also http://www.testequipmentdepot.com/ and http://www.testequity.com/
also we usually check amazon
zzzz_, he asked a question while you were parted

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i think that will just reduce heat in the wires, no?
i would guess the motors, ESC, and battery would still dissipate similar heat
right but higher voltage
so power is voltage * current
youre trading one for the other
damn dx left i dunno why link of solar panel
_unreal_: well, i think the power will be similar in the motor and esc
maybe they are more efficient at higher voltage, shrug
anyway, external heatsinks and sealed chassis sounds pretty neat

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old shit is usually made so overkill
like, old old shit
its like, at some point in the 70s or 80s places seems to realize they were wasting mad money on materials
like, some guy did some math and showed how much money they could save using less material and being just strong enough
then an acountant went fuck yeah, SHOW ME WHERE WE CAN REMOVE MORE MATERIAL WITH MATH
and it kind of gets scary after that
but shit still falls through the cracks, people are still sometimes incompetant, and sometimes really good people have really bad days
yeah but they leave
_unreal_: how are you dealing with heat?
youre using 74 series chips as heatsinks?

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8 is a lot of projects
phone rings, guys at running safety test all dead
rev 2
just another day at the lab
my mistake = speaker dies when kickdrum to thumpy
if not you knows who knows what wookie they would have had designed it
macegr: exactly
like, when i meet other people who have my position, i stop worrying about whether i am qualified

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i guess
i dont think is quantifiable, this is not a sure thing
you can quantify donut energy
dx^: i think you should eat all the donuts
voodoo smiles are everything macegr
you are voodoo smiles
i dont think it is graded on a curve like that
youd have to donut massacre every test taker at every test location
it might look susicious
you mostly likely will also need a delorean
and some way to make people stupid, but capable of performing, without killing them
dx^: single year or some sort of cumulative thing based on past takers?
dx^: you will just have to learn to tap while drooling and shitting
tap on the low low
actually the majority prob dont smoke weed, that would prob work
dx^: i hate it when that happens

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but yeah the hair pulling thing lifts their head and arches back and sticks their butt out more
its like an offensive lineman in football
so like, youre just helping them with their form
braids dont work as well because most of the brad wont be under tension
its weird
dx^: k gl, may the voodoos smile upon thee and stuff
thats how the exam knows you give a shit
if you dont share wont that equal more energy and rush?

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macegr: they usually dont like chocking tho
so its like DO THIS TO ME!
but you have to figure out timing or they cant breathe and they dont always like that
yeah it is
like, on exgf loved being on her back with head hanging off bed
but didnt like puke feeling
blackmoon: exactly
but if we could get timing down so she knew when to breath, usually was okay for awhile
also my friend was with a girl who wanted to get punched
and he wasnt punching hard enough because he was like wtf the whole time
eventually he gave up because too wtf
grab hair instead of punch?
i dunno they all seem to be into grabbing hair
i dunno their ass is too far and breasts are unavailable like that

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blackmoon: i dunno you prob just have to find the girls who liked to be chocked or punched while doin it
or needle play weirdos
macegr: maker faire plans?
i dunno i wouldnt be into it but i kind of get it
even the most vanilla girl ive been with was into getting her hair pulled
well, maybe not get it as much as believe it
macegr: aw, sucks
its maybe on my way south depending how i time stuff
than the guys youve been with?
macegr: i dont understand statement =\
well, yeah dont hit yourself dude
pulling your own hair is probably okay
might be hard unless youve gona a long time without a hair cut

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is that a samurai who launches the penis of his fallen adversaries out of a cannon?
because thats kinda cool
and then your penis just becomes part of the problem
he uses like, a hot blade to cauterize the penis to keep it pressurized or something?
i guess it would take a lot of clits to equal the stopping power of a single penis
i guess he would still have to get the girl arounsed and then hot katana her bits off
macegr: yeah i got about 50% down before i could hear the author cracking up while typing

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i guess i didnt think of it in context of catholic priests
i guess everytime masturbation was involved and there was a girl there, i considered it foreplay because then fucking happened
blackmoon: well they have a virtual hand that jerks a virtual shaft that you can probably use to distract the priest

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2) The app will ask the user if there is anyone present who is pressuring him to masturbate. The apostles quoted above have pointed out the fact that masturbation often happens due to unworthy friends or aquaintainces who encourage us to participate.
haha does this happen a lot?

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macegr: D= D= D=

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how much current?
no i mean can D batteries push
can they do an amp?
that doesnt last long tho
so angry all the time
that was a kid?

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maybe its crappier at the edges or theyre fail bin on the 1280x1024 line
rab: that guys angry
probably russians on the other side of his connection
hey if a buy a shipping scale, its like a bathroom scale that wont die in 3 months, ya?
that doesnt need batteries
that i can use as a shipping scale
ive wated more than $45 on $20 bathroom scales in the past 10 years

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its fuzzy acrylic?
also, dont buy shit at walmart

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lope: approximate the relay coil in your sim
else the zener current and ripple associated with the cap dont mean much
i half asleep swipe deleted a school email
fuckin gmail, turned that shit off
hope that wasnt important
also wtf is trashcan for? doesnt use it

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thats too much, yo

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