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yeah then my guess is you overflowed 1843200
int is prob 16b, try long for the 1843200 var, if that does fix it, my guess is you swapped high and low bytes somewhere
doesnt fix it
im not sure casting will work, because the 1843200 is going to overflow into junk as soon as it's stored
i think the variable that stores the result may have to be cast to 32b for that line, but if the result i known 16b or less, just casting it 32 is probably fine
it might happen automatically
youre supposed to make sure the destination for the expression is as wide as the largest input

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1843200 will overflow a 16b reg anyway
65535 is your max
so if you want to fix that youre going to have to use 24b or 32b data types
the thing is, if you put the code exactly like that, my guess it it evaluates it during preprocessing and just compiles 1843200 / ((500 * 200) / 60) as a constant to load into temp
which will fit into a 16b variable
even with signed variables you should be good
but its possible the compiler is doing something to the 1843200 before evaluating just to be an asshole

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are you using an 8b reg or mem location?
also make sure bytes arent being swapped if youre moving data from peripheral registers to cpu regs or mem
yeah i dunno what the default data types work out too
try using long instead of uint16 or something

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precision shim installed
ha cool, stripping MDF mount holes and reworking glue-puddle sealed connectors avoided

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i dunno its kind of like jack skellington and its hard to be afraid of danny elfman
no reason https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCzNG2ZnuvU
i wonder if paper shims will fix xlr in
its fine if subwoofer isnt loud enough to wiggle cable

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is the alien for scale?
i wonder if thats like, standard ccd orientation dude

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you know money is tight when you stop ordering thin crust pizza because its just so much less pizza
in terms of square pizza units
cubic pizza units

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yeah i need decent mpg
will still have to drive 600 miles up and down coast few times a year

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if they fall out of bag they roll around my trunk and smash all the things
after the tC drive by wire, i just want something analog that handles well
and miata is like, reference handling so prob be nice to experience that for awhile
im like 5'7"
im like, what the build japanese cars for
yeah and not hatch, and not even an attemp at a rear seat size shelf
but i dont really need a car much here, so now would prob be best time for irresponsible car
right a celica would be similar, a little less extreme

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my car was basically more practical replacement
i can put so much shit in my tC
the hatchback + folding back seats make it like a mini truck
catbyte: i fit two 2x10" plus horn powerefd speakers and a 2x15" subwoofer like whatever
also the CNC plus a ton of other crap while moving
work lunches
i want to get a miata
my car will be pretty useless
fit another person? maybe
why are you putting 2L bottles in the bed

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like by mid 00s most all trucks were tall open trunk cars
blackmoon: its something you either get into as a kid or you dont
like, i lived in a place where lots of new cool cars shows up, and car magazines were technical and fun writers and all there was to read at my dads work
yeah youre not an enthusiast
if driving some type of car in some type of situation doesnt make you semi euphoric, youre not a car people
like, cars are my favorite animal at the zoo
your truck looks like a truck persons truck
like if a kid talks shit about your truck, you can stop the kid out and his dad will tell him he had it coming
which celica?
yeah those are nice
little hatchback cacoon

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macgyver0: theyll be worth money in 10 years when the unloved ones are all smashed or rusted
late 80s early 90s honda is awesome power to weight to handling, and fwd is fun to push hard
theyre like go karts that cant spin
i had a 91 accord, and it was like a family non-spin go-kart
and then at some point in the mid-late 90s, they got fat
i dont trust nissan trucks
my friend has one, its a pretty cool car, can put a lot of stuff in the back, but i think it would disintegrate on a work site
yeah old stuff is way different

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macgyver0: new era minivan
macgyver0: also i miss when light trucks were light
i want a 90s tacoma
new tacoma is like a half SUV with a half bed
prob weighs 4000lbs
macgyver0: my 86 CRX Hf got 35mpg dying, driving to redline all day every day
they were 49mpg factory, 1650 lbs, in the mid 80s
so much fun
macgyver0: i could fit all of its 13" tires inside it under the hatch and in the passenger seat
was like, pocket car
heh, walked all the tires from the warehouse to the car in one trip

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it starts around 1200 rpm idle and drops to maybe 700rpm over a minute or two, about as long as it takes coolant temp to start moving the needle
after that, it tacks so many variables, engine output is somewhat random
has variable ignition and i think maybe cam timing
i would fix it
like, if you only have one gauge and one dummy light, you want coolant temp needle and oil pressure light
thats neat
make sure oil doesnt come out like milk, make sure collant isnt oily on top
then yeah prob not an issue

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most everything computer controlled defaults to dump all the fuel into intake if it doesnt know whats going on
because yeah, prob better to strip out the apex seal lubricant than to just melt the seals
i wonder if my car does that
im pretty sure it just starts and goes zoom
no i mean crank without ignition on WOT
my car would be a brick without the computer
the gas pedal is a hall effect sensor
in youre car definitely
YOU ARE CAR (*your)
blackmoon: basically my car runs a mostly open loop procedure on startup

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people with fb rx7, the late 70s eartly 80s ones, run premix a lot

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remove the oil injector and run 2-stroke oil in their gas
not a lot of oil, heh
im afraid of buying a mazda rotary
like, if i ever have enough time for a junker hobby car, getting an rx7 would be fun
but theyre all basically used up now unless rebuilt
macgyver0: yeah the flooding thing is dumb
they made it worst with the last 13b
13b had intake on the side of the peanut and exhaust on the edge of the peanut
so if liquid gas got into the peanut, it would just be pushed into the exhaust port
but in the last 13b (the Renesis), they moved both powers to the side, the shape of the port is kind of like a cam profile
so now the gas gas no place to go so the apex seals get stripped of oil, lose seal, motor loses compression, and shit wont start
like, if you take an rx8, start it, turn it off quickly, it may not start again
its known issue, its in the user manual for the car

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they banned rotaries because mazda won le mans with a 4 rotor engine
they took it apart and wear was so low they could have run another 24 hours
they didnt know how to regulate it to make it fair so they just banned it
like, seeing a mazda 787B was amazing, i just got stuck staring at it
to awesome to exist
what like 12a/13b mazda stuff?
yeah it kind of floats mechanically
which is the big issue, its a big challenge to lubricate directly, so mazda doesnt
they have an oil injector in the intake
no that would be primitive moon
people do it, though

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blackmoon: a spending cap would probably be the best way to level the field
but they dont want to agree to it
bernie ecclestone is basically the overlord of F1, the teams will never agree enough to go against him collectively
so he basically gets what he wants in the end, since the 70s
i think they should regulate spending and consumables, unregulate engine config, stop considering the engine a consumable, and basically let the teams do what they want within a very minimal formula
like, XYZ dimensions, maximum sizes for the wings, band certain safety issues like ground effects
and just let them do what they want
its basically everyones take on the same car
with the current formula
in many cases, the team that finds the loophole in the latest formula gets the advantage

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note honda has burnt through 2 complete sets of everything for alonso's car, and a turbo and turbo energy recovery system
out of 5 per season before penalties, were like 4 races in, prob close to 20 races
jenson is doing a bit better, battery and computer reused once
they had to stop that
that was normal F1 until early 00s
they would build up engines just for qualifying one race
and basically melt it doing a few laps
and have another engine for the race that wasnt used in practice
like, 20-30 engines a season easy
if you could afford it, which became the issue
they limit practice and testing too
everyone practices at the same tracks, same time
because michael shumacher would basically spin laps around the ferrari test track like every fucking day developing the car
it became mostly about money and a lot of teams left, mclaren and ferrari habe like half billion dollar budgets, few hundred employees just on F1 projects
arguably both companies exist to support race teams, ferrari sells the road cars, and mclaren sells control electronics and timing gear to all of F1 and nascar

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they get X tires, X fuel per race, and X engines, X control electronics, X turbo hybrid units, X kinetic hybrid units, etc etc
looking for the list of used up season allocations
they already increased total from 4 to 5

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rab: yeah there doesnt seem to be any turbo motors singing vids, that was just a messy sounding v8 =\
turbo v6 sounds so meh
wish they would just reg fuel consumption and unregulate specific engine configuration

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yeah but then they gotta raise the engine for intake or exhaust
as is, i think exhaust is in the V with intake on the sides
yeah almost every i4 in production over 2.0L has balance shafts
like, people remove them for quicker response on some earlier honda/acura motors
use stiffer motor mounts or just replace more, w/e at vibration because racecar
rab: actually thats at goodwood its maybe the previous years v8
im pretty sure 2-stroke would just eat itself at higher power

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yeah i imagine the wave form is pretty fucked, tons of non harmonic stuff going on at random freq
its a v6 turbo
with an electric motor/generator attached to the turbines
theres a lot of software involved
honda joined a year later, and their v6 turbo hybrid sounds like a train wreck 3 races into the season
yeah but its political as always
they wanted to do turbo hybrid inline-4
which is more efficient, more combustion chamber surface area versus cylinder wall friction area
but ferrari didnt want to run a non-v engine because not sexy enough
the most powerful motors in F1 are still the 80s inline-4 turbos
its been done
those cars were as fast at monza, which is huge straights and large radius curves
they prob deal with it using balance shafts without issue

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ya srs
and chrome kind of gives up at audio if you switch active audio output, so when that was happening it was like, constant no audio until reset browser

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like, noise coupling into the sense circuit or something, i dont think it could have use jack switch sensing because this would happen on front panel connectors
and i dont think there are that many lines

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people always going on about why F1 isnt popular in the US, isnt mentioned much that half the races, including all the famous euro circuit gp, are at 5AM on sunday
i hated that shit, two mobo i had the shit would flip out and keep asking if i had plugged something in

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also my friends genesis coupe backs off the turbo pressure when youre really low on gas, and hes kind of pissed they dont let him do that with a switch when he isnt empty
like, shit is kickin it at full boost in 0-20 stop n go traffic
sculptor: i was always impressed pc manufacturers agreed and stuck to color conventions for even the audio jacks
even in 2015 most audio cables for pc even use the same shade of green and red
for audio, yeah lots of the modern chips

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`nerobro: yeah fuck dynamic timing curves, the VVTi on my car seems random because it tracks like, all the variables
like, makes its power above 3k, which is 60mph in 5th, so it <3s freeway driving
but like, sometimes you floor it in 70s, and it goes without issues
no idea how it decides when its supposed to be fast car, when its supposed to be normal car

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rab: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr4zb-HHZs4&t=30s
motor synths
not cost effective

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blackmoon: probably 90% of shipments go on a plane to north america

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