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kind of killed enthusiasm at 'install amazon store'
so now there are three sierra nevada old chico branded beers
i think local only, almost no one knows what im talking about when i say theres another one besides the crystal wheat
there is a stout or porter, and now there is a pale bock
is like hardcore budweiser, definitely summer vibes
definitely inferior to pacifico for summer beer

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if theyre padded its to take up volume in the bra or dress so their boobs pushed out so more cleavage
if theyre unpadded, its just so theyre shaped right and not like, blobby mass in a bag
do they all such?
any lg?
how do i get apps

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i think those are like push up pads for skimpy dresses

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yeah im saying the market might not hold up long term
i dont even reall trust holding dollars, youre much better off with stuff
like, property, some sort of commodity, some shit where like if the market or dollar crashes, you basically still hold the same value

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decent war and youll probably get rich
i still feel like its gambling
most stable company is still only going to be as stable as the market itself
very long term, GE has been a winner, but its curve reads like a market status history

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haha, my function generator says EZ with a logo ive never seen before
i dont even wanna turn that shit on to see how bad it is

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used these in a bunch of school/work labs, never had problems
would just wait a bit see if you can find one in your budget
in 2015 i wouldnt trust anything except a DDS synth

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seriously, buyers market
if youre going cheap generator, i would definitely try and get something digital
most older generators ive used are visually/audibly bad
you can prob find some sexy hp/agilent digital generator on ebay for that
lucky, ive seen so many of those with tit

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weird this time its posting an auction, before it just gave me the carrier quote
wonder what i did different
two 16U shock racks, custom anvil stuff, the end covers become tables with fold out legs that hook into the sides
long story, basically they happened at exjob because of current boss guy, i ended up with a couple, boss guy wouldnt mind getting them back
doesnt suck just wont last as long as an entry level tek
but probably not much would
analog ones will have tit or crossover distortion

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RL carriers or uship?
i would probably just direct quote with rl carriers, im not even really worried about uship
damn i get quote twice as high when i direct quote
whats up with that

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anyone used uship to quote or RL carriers?
seems too cheap
wtf why lol
shit is half the price of fedex and ups quoted like they dont even want to know me
the only place that returned a quote is like a 20,000 truck company

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wow the black mask looks nice

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like the synth shit
so like, what do they mean by 'finished'
like, polished?
or just like, exists
compared to avr boards with a pot, some buttons, and pwm to opamp?

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omg where have you been!?
nico: are you maker fairing?
oh cool, sometimes i wish i could work outdoors
nico: no def plans but can prob hit it on the way down
i dont think his current living situation is a good one
unless its changed recently
im down to crash some random peoples home
some of that synth shit was a bit of a strtech to call 'finished'

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macegr_: haha Snorkel-Avacodo-Corkscrew-Linux

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rab: yeah when i was on the lunix all day, i would just mplayer all the things
local video and audio, pretty much any media url
at some point i remember there was a lot of aalib on high char count consoles

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screen(1) is awesome even when you dont know why
wtf is a .ts file?
the F1 practice session is an HD .ts file
yeah vlc says its h264
is a tv rip

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heh, well it sounds like it makes sense

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are you sure it cals at -30?
you enter the measured temp?
yeah sounds sane if it wants two points

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damn, shock racks are 170lbs
haha, glad i just didnt go with the SKB numbers, they were like half that

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rab: wow .006 sounds like thety might actually be honest
compared to .004 on a good day if you asked nicely and made it clear you wouldnt pay otherwise

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so Q0 maxterms are 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and Q1 maxterms are 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6
ive only seen it in digital logic classes
ask kevtris hes dont a lot more discrete logic stuff and probably hasnt been in a formal digital logic course

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i dunno why they call them that
minterms are the decimal values of the digital inputs that give a true/high/1 value for output
say you have A0 A1 and A2 as inputs, A0 being least significant and Q0 and Q1 as outputs
so if 000 and 010 are the only values of A thaty make Q0 go high, Q0 minterms are 0 and 2
if 111 and 100 make Q1 go high, Q1 minterms are 7 and 4
maxterms are inputs that produce false/low/0 output

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