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urmoms a stoner

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this 4/20 was a good 4/20

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its conductive paint
it wasnt low enough impedance to even burn the resistor
and i think the coating only pulled off because the plastic stuck to it
its running fine now
i just cut the melted section of the shield out
its hard plastic case behind it
if its melts onto the resistors its prob just making shit safer
neat, sounds like shit like a proper mackie srm450
isnt cutting out anymore
heh, pushing it too hard testing
backed off, gonna end up replacing tweeter for dude =\

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i think the first of the chinese models
timecop: http://imgur.com/a/GGhNf
the plastic RF shield melted onto a psu resistor
shorted out, but because conductive paint, prob not low enough impedance to kill anything
zzzz_: fixing neighbor speaker instead of doing homework
because im irresponsible

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woot, got a mackie SRM with a burnt smps power resistor
the coating is chipped off the the spiral of resistance material is still there, unburnt
cut on on impulsive signal, but also when i punched it in the heatsink
found the problem
so much wow
taking pic

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when i was the purchaser our budget was around that
almost half million $ one year
fuck that job
wasnt on my card for big stuff
douche boss would swoop in on those
was a waste of my life, glad its over

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sculptor: current taco stand, i find what i need use bosses CC, he expenses
total time from decision to buy to bought is maybe 30 minutes
small place is nice

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sculptor: also some of the audio industy sales guys are some of the most technical engineers ive met
buy yeah if the target sales audioence isnt engineers, the face to face or phone experience can suck

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works different at every company
at the biggest one, i was the purchaser
at the smallest one, i just use bossguys credit card
at one, purchasing girl was awesome, send part numbers and get back what you need
another couldnt get shit right ever so we would just avoid and do it out damn selves

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if its stuff in my industry, calling gets me some great deals sometimes
like, when im using a work cc they have no problem giving me 25-33% off retail
full compass will actually assign you a dude, you can tell him what you want and how much you want to pay, guy calls back with options
call back 6 months later, same dude, its kinda cool
but yeah, unless its industry specific test gear, dont get deals on too much else unless buying lots of them, not worth calling

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are you seeing any artifacts or its just acting slow?
it might be doing horrible sample rate conversion
if the source waves are lower

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so you can get the tops as flat as the arc over on a 15hz sine
and rise times as fast as a 20khz sine
you might be having other issues because of low sampling rates
in the generator
and yeah it could possibly just be sucky
but it probably has at least 44khz converters and <30hz ac coupling
totally possible
turn off any surround and bass effects, they're going to fuck with frequency response
will it let you get into the windows sound setup?
no way
thats not a cheap soundcard
maybe try setting that to 48khz
kind of overkill

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*should get pretty decent squares like 500hz to 1khz
not enough down key
yeah my guess is itll have problems holding the high level
itll drooop before falling
for the vector graphics stuff, it wont be able to keep the trace on the edges
im talking about the XY vector graphics drivers, but its pretty much same issue with normal audio output
you basically need like, DC to light bandwidth to do square waves well
right but you cantly slew faster than 20khz or slower than probably around 15hz

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sculptor: why?
sculptor: i think its usually an AC coupling issue, the HPF knee is too high and they wont go all the way to the edges of the scope
for youscope, my onboard realtek didnt work well, but a random c-media pci card worked fine
didnt try with the last usb audio interface or this one
heh, you could rework extra capacitors in parallel with the coupling caps if its that
at what frequency?
best square should be around should get pretty decent squares like 500hz to 1khz
lower and they wont hold the horizontal, higher and they wont rise fast enough

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i wonder if ferrari is still running sharpied out dickbutts

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i dont think my car works as a sedan, honestly
like a tiny brando

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i started watching archer again so its hard to take them seriously
if theyre fighting each other the cia might have a tougher time using them
sculptor: heheheh
blackmoon: directly or indirectly, the cia/mil is response for both problems
everytime someone civil pops up like, hey yo lets make money off the oil and get civilized!
we support a coupe and bomb the shit out of them
fuck passengers, rab
people can bend
thats what the big giant hatchback and folding rear seats are for
volvo has a skihole

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did they bend the copper or its just light?
least they tested it

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im wondering if in 2015 if its better to email scans of written homework, rather than doing a drivebuy at the beginning of class with a runny mustache
im surprised its not some sort of official policy
classes are half dorm freshman i prob have three different types of colds
wait why am i tripping these are the people that prob got me sick
plus a teacher, he needs more antibodies
.25mm rings
so .006 space trace, i guess thats kind getting towards capability

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new chinapcb?
shenzen, nice
has small via drills? if y, are they dead center?
well, thats half impressive for shenzen
awesome prices tho

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fuck those things they eat cats
or murder them for fun who knows
i think i had/have a cold
dude most are cats are very small have you seen them wet?
theyre like matter
all empty space
except theyre also made of matter
so theyre like, empty space made out of empty space

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it wants me to sign in again
and yeah the giant map card is new

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device manager?
thats been around a long time

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