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thats what private loans are for!

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holy fuck i got pell grant
also 3x subsidized loan money versus unsubsidized

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thats not bad
hes kind of fucking them, but $50 means a lot
haha, damn thats trolling
he gonna get shot haha
so i guess its a thing now
fuck that page
starts an embedded video and the article broadcast video at the same time
well, which
haha, getting them at blood donation centers

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if you have *any* sort of credit history, $50 prob get you a cell phone and data plan
to look for jobs
yeah but prepaid usually isnt going to give you a phone for free
neat, so you prove the point
wtf do you mean and
youre homeless, you need a job
the jobs are on the internet
i dont get whats going on, so you agree smartphone is inexpensive enough for homeless
fuck unemployed and homeless who have smartphones instead of 15 year old potato tech
they need to get jobs
no i dont think so
how much was he paying for the phones?

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theyre probably getting used by the van people and not making much at all?
also, assuming theyre all fake is pretty illogical
if you were homeless, and had kids, and the job app thing didnt work because of the 100 other homeless dude applying
you would ask for change?
thats answer kind says youre not sure tho
you ask for it or you take it at that point, or you let people who depend on you go hungry
right so put yourself in that situation
and consider the question again
and if me tossing some people pocket or car change few times a week that means i help 1 honest person for 10 addicts or scam artists, good
means a fuck of a lot more to them than it does to me, and ignoring the issue is the norm and obviously that doesnt make the problem go away

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like, you could default on the bull, fuck you fucked credit a bit more, you would still have wifi access capability
like, forever, they dont send repomen for phones
your potato phone, useless
thats what you want
kevtris would hand the guy 10 apps, but if kevtris was interviewing the guy, he wouldnt hire him because he looks homeless
so to get a job you have to seem like youre not homeless
a smart means email access, keeping up with media and news, and the ability to answer the phone

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07:21 < nomel> unemployed people always seem to have smart phones.
dude how do you get a job without a phone
thats would be the first thing to get
and a smart phone is free if you are willing to pay a phone bill
yeah but theyre both the same price
of free, and you would have email access
which would help you get a job
not to mention access to the internet is going to make looking for a job way more effective because its not 1995
like if your panhandling homeless, an internet enabled phone should be your first goal

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money funneled in black project style
i bet they sell that in hats and windbreakers though
theyve always been like that
they sells cars to be an F1 team
so like, the car business exploding to much more than what it takes to run the factory teams would be losing focus
is there a ferrari suv?
i dont think their is a ferrari suv
like, mercedes is in F1 to sell cars, its the other way around

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the tifosi would riot
wow you know i never thought about that, ferrari always threatens to leave
the tifosi would literally storm the ferrari offices
yeah they never would though, and in a way they kind of deserve the most say
theyve been there longest, and they have the most fans worldwide
but yeah italy wouldnt let them
haha, i bet its like a $1B budget easy

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buttons car just stopped on his Q1 quali outlap
dude look defeated, dennis threw his hands up like he has emotions or something
then they put the car back together for race, starting last, and the car throws error on the ERS so they tell button he cant race
179 consecutive start streak for button gone, he was within races of a record i guess
they knew it was gonna be rough and then i think just unlucky
i think dennis is right, they werent going to win with mercedes engines
and like, mclaren-ferrari just isnt a thing
like, that could destroy the sport as much as ferrari just leaving

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look at nicos point of view plot
how the last half of the race him and hamiltons gap is flat, and the kimi out of nowhere
at that trajectory he would have passed hamilton within a couple laps for sure
have you heard kimi like "did you leave the wheel off?" on the radio
so he gets second, pit wall is going nuts and hes like "yeah... thanks guys"
and thats it, was as funny
and then complains about how being 2nd never feels good
like, if nico was more like that i would probably be behind him
but right now im kind of behind seb and kimi to get at hamilton
and thats a real awkward feeling for me
like, im a ferrari fan in a season that mclaren-honda actually happened irl?
i guess spanish gp is when new approved token parts start showing up

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it sucks because hes a likeable guy
yeah but he won by like a few seconds last race
kimi creeping like a shark, one more lab it would have been over
lewis and nico both had brake by wire failures
they were worried about ferraris pace and better tire wear performance, so they use brake vents with better aero and lower cooling, and the system went into failsafe
so yeah, better brake cooling and maybe no failures, but that stretegy may have lost them the race due to slower pace

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nomel: production text fixture
production means you do a lot of product
how you do it doesnt matter
R&D test fixture is more likely to do 1
parallel test fixture
parallel fixture
actually tekrads would prob work best in a white paper
"multiple/parallel fixtures for regression testing (the Fixture)"
and then call it the Fixture after that
also got a cold wtf
fuckin kids
so now lewis and seb and kimi are are trolling rosberg
so mindfucked

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i would try and get the xtal closer to the uC
and avoid the two vias
and putting a signal trace directly above and parallel with it

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er, snow and the cold

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i guess mauybe because the snow and the gold

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sculptor takin on tmz
i did refried black beans on toastadas w/ cotija cheese on top
so much nom

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mr_roboto: prob too many dabs on 4/20, he wont be up until tomorrow

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fuckin lab partner with the parts kit didnt show up
fuckin stoner

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i have a cold, dunno if i should go to lab
like, other classes i can just dropoff work
i guess i just go and tell lab partner how to make the shit and try not to sneeze on all the things

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