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if brush is nylong, cut the bristles short so theyre stiff or it wont do shit
nylong, nyshort (c) rencorp

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xanix: oxidized contacts in the jack, oxidized contacts on the plug, weak springback on the jack contacts
try hitting it lightly with a brass or nylon brush
steel brush prob take off the plating
also it could be a broken or shorted wire or contact inside the plug

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so you know how electronics geeks are sometimes like PIV VUR! PIV VUR! to remember ohms law?
i guess chemists do PIV NURT! PIV NURT!
the lab techer i think is cute was all yelling it at us, im like, hey that means something already you cant just be redefining piv
(ideal gas law is PV = nRT)

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wtf traces of radiation
doesnt that just mean it comes from japan somewhere?

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