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rab: http://www.mouser.com/search/refine.aspx?Ntk=P_MarCom&Ntt=186908993
doesnt look like any of the cable to board connectors are there
maybe jst split up?
the good fake ones are never as consistent

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sounds like drama

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i got $30 class action check, related to toyota unintended acceleration
i will just consider this payback for the retarded overboosting on my drive-by-wire hall sensor accelerator pedal

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macegr: i saw that on a spotify UK music chart
i feel like we are going backwards culturally
clearly the earthquake is a joint Apple/NSA effort

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in the vid?
vocals sound like it
no idea what dude would look like in a suit and hair gel
naw i can see him in a taco bell
hed just look fucked up tired like he does in all his recent live vids
ha, dudes gonna be fine until he dies

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be cool to check out the warehouse
the magnetizer guys warehouse was near portland, cool vibe
was my peepee when i saw the waiter girl at the italian place
he took us to all the local 'ethnic' foods
so the italian place and the chinese place

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so the move-in doesnt have to worry about him sleepin around
all to herself
i dunno i think once its established it easily goes either way
likely just swirls around
rab: thats pretty much what i was thinking
junkies = codependency, ideal roommates
macegr: if things go well i prob take two weeks for myself at end of summer, wouldnt be too far from current plans

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warehouse is important, i think thats a real good place to setup
not that vancouver
WA/OR border
confusing right, WA got one on both sides
prob a halfway-house vibe
for someone thats a golden opportunity

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177 is more accurate according to manuals
its better than shacking up in LA or the bay
would only consider those places to put a CM, to try and take advantage of the fucked real estate
its hard to do bad in pac nw
you know them at all?
meh, you can always find newhome if they turn out to be nuts or way too much fun
cool, honestly as long as theyre not tweaker your prob fine

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and no where near the dull red heat needed for good dabs
good to know youre still alive
moving is prob for the best
you are or they are
its the best place for manufacturing on the west coast, honestly
northern cali to WA, away from urban centers, warehouse property is crazy affordable
still within close shipping and driving distance
what is it roughly per sqft
in the city?
yeah man thats pretty cheap
LA or the bay is gonna be 2x that easy

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did you make it clear you didnt want to grow weed?
they probably want to harvest your weed
they might be kind of bummed youre not doing that
okay good
unless you want to be paid in marijuana i would try and avoid
macegr: needs to be like 180-200F with air moving
way more if you want to dab
well im just saying, your LED shades wont do well for vaping flowers

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going to OR?
WA by the sound?
or oroville
yeah thats pretty far
even from dearest friendgirl's place
maybe can stop be end of summer!
depends how good summer goes, already planning on going to lower OR
wow that looks like a pretty stretch of the 101

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besides the weird china fluke with like, 3 buttons, I've never had bad experiences with any of them
ew pickles on burger
pickles are for the side of burger
sweet pickles are just ew in general
check the accuracy in the manuals
rab: no he lives in california

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yeah dont see anything newer than the pizzabox with the cdroms
and that thing looks like it still has turbo buttons
ha, so awesome how couple times he tries to look pro and then kind of breaks down into a smile

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rab: haha, i wonder what year thats recorded in
i see a cdrom drive, so were into the 90s at least
so they went back in time 4 years to upload it?
crazy russians
haha cool, that prof is so happy
holy fuck at the closeups of the assembly

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rab: have with your favorite milk alternative

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18:57 < Tecan> peanut butter bacon on toast for instance
how is that strange?

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everyone in a while i put the 710 cap back but forget to screw it on
car gets smelly

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