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oh her shoes match

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that sounds dangerous

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macegr: just need atom precise fixturing

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macegr: you need dark emitting diodes

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macegr: she just has them set to bluegreen?

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you dont like sweaty guys rubbin on each other?
object is not to crash
oh that was in the wwe video?
send shades to crashtor
psi: some of it
some of it is just cost reduced stuff thats good enough

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i dont think youre watching the wonderful F1 video someone made
fuck selling F1, thats bernies job
mfkrs dying for real because engineers and maniac drivers pushing too hard
thats fuckin sport, fuck wrestling

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also ...
turn your volume up and watch that
the fires?
your future landlord roomies?
oh, shrug

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these are kinda cool
i would prob just buy some dayton audio shit
anf those dual 8 speakers arent that tall, prob not even 4ft
dayton audio is parts express house brand
im just linking shit i would buy for a home reciver
ive bought and measured a bunch of dayton drivers tho, decent shit, as advertised

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most of them are scratched up tho so meh
its all on spotify anyway =\
you banana polish CDs?
i would stay away from the CV stuff
because i know the people who still work there and i dont think you should buy them,

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fuck a dac get something with SPDIF TOSLINK optical ideally, SPDIF coax is enough, bonus if you can find it with AES3 (AES/EBU) on XLR
zzzz_: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/CD200
oh its like same io
they had a model with xlr out
zzzz_: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/CD200SB
has a card reader, call pull from usb storage
has balanced XLR outs besides the spdif
so yeah if you spend more get some shit like that, if you dont want the balanced outs and sd/usb playback, the onkyo is fine
i thought they had a cheap cd player with xlr out, but i guess they killed it
i have a shopping bag full of friends cds i thought i was going to rip

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im pretty sure we would try and nuke it far out even if it was
because wtf else do you do

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right im saying when everyone might die, money doesnt matter anymore
which means most corporations are fucked, and their resources are controlled by people on the ground, and their authority enforced by national militaries
if martial law comes in the form of 'get in our way and we will end you because science says we do this now or everyone dies' im down
everything hits the fan afterward, religon probably an heros, almost impossible not to come out of it without some sort of stronger world government truce UN thing
then probably more nukes, shrug

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get 1000 scientists to discuss ot for 6 months, and they will tell you that they needed to use all the nukes 5 months ago
scientists revolution
the mil might be down
because all their shit runs on science, not bullshit
weapons are the final form of currency, the guys with the weapons are the solution, the scientists guys will tell them how, and asteroid might actually cut through nationalism if thats what it took in terms of resources
the politicians are going to tell them no, we need the nukes to kill everyone later?

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least shes supstairs
pftt i dont care
you know well try and nuke it with everything
and thats always been the solution to the nuclear stockpile post MAD
not that post MAD every really happen, but assuming the popular narrative
like seriously wtf else could we do

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timecop: classy, will rock if lottery is won
right but how do you stop the rocks from crumbling and smashing all the people
so fucked up, obvious big hammer solution is frack the fuck out of faultlines and come back when it stops dancing
macegr: who cares about that when there might be huge pockets of neodymium and diamonds
naw it just make all the non natives leave
ha another valley quake would suck, mom is still there

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and then that shit happened in big bear, and they changed their mind
as opposed to directly observed?
dunno i think theyve drilled further
and in certain spots crazy shit is happening shallower or at the surface
but yeah they dont know, theyre just firing sound waves and measuring earthquakes and ocean floor deflection and who knows
so like, they know what the crust is like there
they know where the crust is gone, like certain faults, volconos, ocean trenches
but yeah everything else is pretty indirect
like, they know there are dissolved mineral pockets and water close to magma because geysers and hot springs
i think its kind of like deep ocean shit and they dont know that much
they know enough to find the cool shit in the first miles and strip mine it

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did chile erupt?
oh that was a week ago
i was like, another thing happened now!?
denkishi: always something going down on pacific ring of fire, somewhere
and nepal, like that area happened because continents are crashing into each other
its not like, people happened and decided to go climbing and that shit stopped
its like a whole subcontinent of northern los angeles county
its all kinda related
like, it would probably just add to the noise and swirling
tho they always said earthquakes couldnt trigger each other
other than foreshocks and after shocks on a single fault
which always seemed retarded to me as a kid

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omg it steals the points for not putting lone pairs, it didnt ask for the lone pairs, mother bitch fucker
ok it only stole 1%, online homework still fren
no intro chem
you know i didnt connect the dots but yeah i guess i could have done this while getting my AS gen ed done
because i think i took astronomy
or oceanography?
fuck knows
some fun class that i never thought about again
haha i think it may have been an oceanographer teaching astronomy

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gorilla glue, i dunno what you mean with the other stuff
yeah i havent heard of those

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cool, free web edition includes verilog simulator

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blackmoon: does quantus sim without hardware?
logisim is getting ugly
UI is a bit funky which i dont mind, but the graphics are literally ugly
like yo dev guy, draw the gate sumbols above the rounded end net lines
this geek seems to think so

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23:12 < macegr> the more you understand sequential programming, the harder FPGA will be
im not sure if verilog looking like C is helpful, or trolling
psi: if you can do it with logic gates setting it up in verilog shouldn't be too hard
if its combinational logic its pretty easy

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blackmoon: where i grew up we didnt have seasons
winter was like, 2 to 3 weeks of rain in november or january
and it didnt happen every year
but when it did, chatsworth and the santa monica mountains were crazy green in the spring
then it all dies by mid june, then fires, so many fires

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the ones to the right look like stuff in incheon, like built in the 70s maybe 80s
stuff on the left looks newer, weird patterrns to it, not just tall boxes with square windows
i kind of like weather, but yeah im pretty hopeless in the cold

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if i go back it would probably be to work at guitar factory haha
wow thats pretty big
the rows of identical skyrise apartments are a trip, way in the background i think towards the coast

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oh your mil or exmil, right?
wow busan is far
korea has shitty roads
unless you want to be a rally driver
no idea i had people driving me around and i walked everywhere on weekends
took the train to seoul once, no drama, really quick
whats that place
oh in jp

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if they want to train you to design the software for the fpga, same deal
if you get to grad level shit and you dont know basics, even if its from the 70s, your prob going to be lost at time, or really slow
they teach shit from like 500 years ago in physics
no idea northern europeans are weird
korea was fun
it gets odd when they start blowing up remote places and firing machine guns into the dmz
east os seoul on the coast, has the big airport and more industry, same distance to dmz

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you may never use it again
its pretty cool shit to know if you have to do something simple very cheap
or do a lot of combinational fpga stuff
well right because its for combinational logic
whats redundant might not be obvious
thats done too but itd be more expensive for most stuff youd use a kmap for
like vending machine could totally be combo logic
the shit driving the motors coule be $.50 in chips, and then you buy modules for the more complex shit like displays and card readers
most of industry would now too
but if they want to train you to work at the uC company, youre gonna have to know gate level optomization shit

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efsnable: two two times ive taken this class (cc and now uni), qm was done right after karnaugh maps and then its like, race to finish covering the integrated stuff
unf, fuck calc2
dont fall behind
if you dad is dying tell him to wait itll fuck up your grade
youre probably good then
that sucks, sorry man
fuck i gotta practice the stacked karnaugh maps

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goofy huh
do you do logic in two semesters?
do you cover flipflops and simple logic IC?
decoders, multiplexers, etc
i think were 14 weeks
or 13 weeks and dead week, they cant put last week instruction on the final
no idea whats up with that
not complaining
denkishi: yeah i mean like integrated logic gates like multiplexers and flipflops and shift regs

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you cant get cheap cable or dsl?
but they have long range wifi towers?

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i meant like of something you did
do like, thermal transfer in a square dong or something
your isp has data cap or what
did you do something to make them angry?
how much do you pay monthly?
i guess thats cheap but fuuuu
all of you internet is wireless?

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tecan: pics

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