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via isnt a thing now?
thats good

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rab: cant fit nexus hub in a bmx frame without bending the frames
and i like aluminum cruiser frames, they usually have machined rear dropouts, so bending seems like a really bad idea
and i dont want a race bike
i like the super low thing, and that i can wobble the bike and get a bit more push from my arms
but yeah its like an inch diff, 110 to 135 mm iirc
veledrome race bike, i mean
i dont want another freestyle bmx bike, i definitely prefer the bmx race bikes

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but yeah i have a loopback on the coax digital for ripping audio
like, if i unmute that input everything exploded from positive feedback
yeah good converters
also the headphones track the two sets of outputs, so you can map them independently
use main outputs, and then use 2nd set of outputs to monitor with headphones
you can do actual dj and studio mixer headphone monitoring without having to use the mobo soundcard
they have cheaper models too, 2i2 and 4i4, the 2i2 is pretty popular as an amateur audio measurement platform

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i have external interface anyway, i turn off onboard audio
but if it has optical i would use it
have one of those, really happy with it
theyre combo, you can plug 1/4" TRS into them, too
also you can switch between mic and instrument level input impedance
yeah they have phantom power
for powered mics
yeah it also has fixed line level in the back
so you dont have to dick with level matching reg signals
like ~$200
i think i paid just under $250
has midi and coaxial optical
er coaxial spdif, derp
i have an old midi keyboard that has very good weighted keys with aftertouch

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so i have 6gb gpu mem and 4gb system mem
but its totally usable, prob because the ssd, i was doing huge assemblies in solidworks and it would bog but it wouldnt lock or crash
heh @ missing load screen tips
but plan is like >3ghz quad, 32gb ram, and whatever asus mobo has what i want \
want optical audio in and out, thats kind of my only special want, and there are asus boards that have it

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heh, edges!?
man pc is so much better since upgrade
like, it kind of got fuckey but i reseated ram and its fine, bios has a long mem test, everything passed
2gb to 8gb, hdd to ssd
heh, it does grumble anymore
like now the cpu fan goes nuts because no other bottlenecks
locked up playing FTL, but this was before reseating ram so dunno if ram or cpu
i have 4gb on my desktop, w/ an ssd, its not too bad \
no thats why i wouldnt upgrade
im prob doing new mobo/cpu/ram end of summer
im prob just going to grab 32gb
just so i dont get stranded when shit moved to ddr4 or whatever
but i have a samsung ssd, and a corsair platinum psu, and a pair of r9 280x
decent lian li case
basically i only upgraded shit i new i could push into a new build

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doesnt really read tech docs, but her dad is an engineer and in just brute processing power, shes a bit quicker than me
she tested positive for some form of dyslexia, and in general im not dyslexic about things, but i was tested positive for it as a very very young child and did a lot of therapy for it
so in terms of reading i think probably i still have it
right i dont have the left vs right thing very bad
if i second guess myself, i get confused though
but first instinct is usually correct
but right reading and talking, my brain doesnt totally sync up with my eyes and mouth

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karnaugh maps and quine mclusky are the only things that arent intuitive, if you dont get basic tables and timing intuitively, everything is going to be a nightmare
and i dont think he was trolling
i think hes a troll in general, but specifically i think dude is just confused
yeah thats one of the other reasons i like art of electronics
i read it after a few years of not looking at it, and its cool to realize how much more of it is likie, 2nd nature
yeah thats from mostly reading tech docs
yeah thats not a great habit
its basically a form of dyslexia, if youre reading prose, you kind of skip around, read whole segments by sight, assume whole sections from a few proceeding words, etc
80% of the time you will get the core of whats written, rest of the time youll completely reverse whats being said or just not pick it up
some people just dont read in a linear way
friend of mine is the same way, and she did art stuff in school

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poor efsnable
im not in that class anymore, i dont care
also wtf its like his semesters last 8 months
yeah he was like facedesking over min and max terms, im like, yo i never seen those outside of digital logic class
timing diagram?
haha timing diagrams were like, the hard shit on the final
sounds like truth tables or state tables
its the kind of stuff that if you dont get it ater its been explained, youre prob not gonna be good at digital shit
yeah pretty much
dont give a shit is usually X
you can actually do pretty cool shit with Xs and karnaugh maps

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