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i think the available stuff is streamed direct with commentary, its free on youtube
f1, they stream vid and sounds, and broadcasters will add their commentary over it, every gets same visuals, sound, and team radio
imola wants to host formula e
would be the first proper road circuit
thats awesome
following formula 1 is hard
formula e is all just there
i think its all fia produced
hopefully someone awesome buys f1

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with race cars, theyre a maniac in the car who wants to win or finish more than he wants to die
and it keeps fans alive, mostly
i would be into oval track racing like that
drivers are g-locing on the banks
too much speed + downforce
f1 is diff is all lateral, very flat tracks
braking is nuts
its basically tires and power
prob not many

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branson like THIS WILL SURPASS F1 IN A FEW YEARS, but like the motors dont make any noise, and theyre afraid to change out batteries
formula e
electric open wheel racing, on street circuits, lots of former f1 drivers, just finished first season
someone won
honestly when i saw the pitstops, i couldnt take it that seriously
if it gets leet, thats what formula one will become
i think the hybrid stuff is going to develop more
would maybe be heavy
and if f1 needs to get faster to maintain, itll be faster
theyre not at the limits, pushing much harder and drivers die
and were in a no dying phase of the sport
ai or drone?
maybe but i wouldnt bet on it
and the drivers want to push
anyway, its almost a trust thing

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so yeah its hard to believe that gas companies and car companies havent done quick change battery studies
they dont want to retool and replace half of gas stations
hehe @ cars with battery door latches
they would brakes off and people would duct tape
shawn|i78: pull into gas station, top car, machine on both sides aligns, one side pushes batteries in, other side catches used batteries
if they standardized across brands it could go really fast
ship batteries in
theyre quick change solution is a battery change
formula e pit stops are a joke
they get out of one car, strap into another, drive off
every driver got two cars

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i dunno batteries are chemistry voodoo
are hate it when that shit gets all over
they dont go faster towards the end of the race
and formula e is so quiet
people are annoyed that the turbo v6 in f1 are too quiet
but formula e is like, bunch of prius
theyre sandbagging
you just make smaller battery packs that can be quick swapped
car battery size is fine
startdardize some fifo tube so a machine can push them in
be like f1 pit stops
and i dont think f1 is mostly safety weight

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mint seems to run bit crappier than win7
blackmoon: li-ion is kind of the first batteries that dont totally suck somehow
but thats because energy density

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wtf dendrites
its like tree crystals

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