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seems nameless on the restrict layer
yeah it just isolates from the restrict line like its on a diff net
i would normally do that, and then overlap them
but this is kind of fast
like, drop a big gnd pour, then restrict lines to isolate signal grounds and cut up the shield and power grounds and potential loopy stuff

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Invalid wire width: "-.016"

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rab: i draw 0 width lines in my pours on restrict layers to cut up ground planes
but it isolates on both sides of the line, so diff than normal isolation gap. i guess i am annoyed by this now
then today i thought how negative widths would fix everything
and now im like, what if it is already there
also they changed all the icons wtf

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my guess is they convicted, he appealed and won, they convicted on a related maybe nearly identical charge, he appealed and won again

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