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maybe make some sort of motherboard that holds a bunch of them, breaks out to row of pin headers
for those problems that require many arduinos
you could make a banana tree
that almost seems too easy with mask layer and green mask
the trunk can be the pin header row, and the leave can have solar panels or cap touch or some shit

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how did that happen
inittab: fix!
programming and serial headers are 0.1" grid
haha gpio
macegr: throw into cad and plot banana shield pinout
lots of 1x1 pin headers, and a fixture
you can make setting up pins for assembly some sort of drinking game
thats way to practical
i think thats very against the principles of the project
if hes selling those, you should do it

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macegr: nice
macegr: dont cheap out on casters
arent you an op
make happenings
neat, banana

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