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so spindle gotta be flared out, prob some sort of unsealed ball bearing assembly
the more expensive cruiser from that company mentions sealed bottom
but even if i go nuts and get $400 high end crank and bottom bracket setup for this, its still cheaper than what last bike cost to build up from parts
the paint is so crazy, yellow pearl over green, is like radioactive looking

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its chinese
anyway, the aluminum frame is pretty sexy, good looking tig welds, the chromoly fork and bars are good
has sealed hubs and headset, and the tires i would have bought for it
drivetrain is shit
it kind of makes me feel good about the time and extra money i spent on lastbike
it made a different
the freewheel on this is 20 degree engagement, and it sounds kind of rattly
pretty sure my last and the small side freewheel i bought for this are 12 degree
i thinik thats kind of normal acrually
and i dont think the crank is sealed
thers no shims and the spindle has a huge gap from crank to the bottom bracket

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those are cool
get bipolar rails off those warts
man if you couldnt afford a $2 transformer, electronics is going to be hard as fuck
blackmoon: i got newbike
this guy

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if its like most industries

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its almost all custom
more than anything else
and not custom to order really, just not standardized like every other passive component
switch supply transformers are custom to order in a lot of cases
batch code, fab code, serial number, customer number, factory part number
who knows what else, but those are common
yeah i think in most cases, the only time those numbers hit the net are in email attachments between vender and customer
shawn|i78: theres probably several dozen standards

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oh shit free money
i got like $1600 in pell grant, did not see that before

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i need a fan

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