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oh nice
the drivers headset had a lemo connector
least the mercedes ones

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omg no
hes gonna get his hands smashed
tribute to jules
(accident last year left him in coma, died last week, first death since senna)

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they mention left foot braking so it could just be clutch and gears
oh weird
maybe just clutch

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sculptor: omg sucks you should go!
its expensive =(
pretty sure there was a jet car in f1
30 mins
im gonna get foods

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formula one hungarian gp
yes digital logic is hard for you

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omg wot
hour to race

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mad respect for alonso trying to push the car all the way into the pits while waving to fans, if they dont get better pace when engine revision happens, i am like officially fuck honda
mclaren needs to make a fucking suv and a wagon so they can afford an engine design house
i wonder if the connector failed or they failed at connector

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also mclaren, who is an industry standard race electronics company, had a harness connector fail on one car in second stage of qualifying
and a 'steering switch software data issue' that causes the other cars hybrid system to not engage on a hotlap in 1st stage of qualifying
like, they do firmware for all of f1 and nascar
but neither engine blew up so they got that going for them
i dont know if they mean the fucking button on the steering wheel or some sort of steering position switch but wtf
too busy making cars for the rich fucks

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guys i hope lewis crashes nicoberg #1 and its vettel raikonen and nicoberg #2 on the podium
f1 will officially be fixed, we dont need ross brawn or max mosley
those honestly i forgave brawn and now that were cool i respect him as a proper badass and want him to come back
max has good ideas about phasing in budget caps but i think its better if f1 steals his ideas and he doesnt get involved
i need sleep but f1

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would be cool to demo with speakers on stands on a stage, setup where the musicians are
heh, mic the speakers up and run a PA

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not bad for the money i guess
would be neat for art installs
why are these things so cheap
oh a lot of them are for parts/repair

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if i were wiring up a house, id prob use identical monitor speakers, and optical interconnect
and prob route with some sort of rack dsp set up as a matrix mixer
something that i could run EQ and delay on each channel
yeah if it had to be all stuck in the cieling or something
im saying if it were for my own shit so my own spec
optical jacks in the walls
heh THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) 0.2 %

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if you mean for like smart house, 95% of people dont have that
standard is like, dock radios and 5.1 surround systems, some older stereo setups
lots of small media speakers for pc
thats what people have
well im telling you the market that has has synced parallel and stereo streams for years
desync isnt a problem, its not perfect but its very good, but latency can be a prob
right thats for install stuff, which is what you needed before for synchronizing throughout a house
yeah but im saying its down to under 50ms
for a couple years at least
i think so
but its usable, especially with latency controls on most tv
i would use wires
optical if i could

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sonos uses 5ghz radios for the home theater mesh networks
theyre under 50ms
catbyte: very close, and for years now
catbyte: you can buy play1 and stereo pair them
you can buy play5 and stereo pair them like 6 years ago
you have to know wat to listen for and be familiar with the source material to hear them syncing up
and it doesnt happen all the time
theyre not
theyre 6
some are 12
i dunno thats just a weird number
well, no
5 stereo zones and one mono
but id bet most arent used much
prob two or three primary zones, so like six channels
so currently, for maybe half a dozen, you can just use the wifi net
up to the max of like 32 zones or whatever, you need to have at least one sonos device connected into the lan through ethernet
and they run their own isolated 2.4 and 5 ghz mesh networks
catbyte: than in house amps isnt a standard

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smart av receivers and speakers
like such as
really you dont need any with those speakers and a lot of net enabled audio stuff, has wifi
blackmoon: cost of pcb enabled ethernet vs plastic connectors: 1000%
profit by selling to audiophiles: %999999999999999999
catbyte: actually net latency is prob a non issue on most small home LAN

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