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meh, i dont like gibsons

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i think mexican cops are much more about bribery
and they take your shit
go home in a week
i need fluids

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wtf i thought you were talking about a video game or something

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electronics service tech is like 2 year degree or few years experience
same thing with electronics lab tech

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there are service techs for bigger equipment, industrial and commercial stuff, but a lot of that work is specific to one type of machine and its not like when everything sold to every consumer could be serviced by a tech
im pretty good at getting stuff apart, i do documented teardowns, def gets easier with practice
but yeah if its glue and snap together, typically something bends or breaks enough that it doesnt go together the same
i hate it when they put the last screw under the cert os s/n sticker
i always falls for that when i find them under the rubber feet first
but the amount of servicable good has decreased over time, so kind of more techs than work
maybe in 10 more years all the old ones dead and things get servicable because its a greener thing to do

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work has money for gear and problems to learn things from
usually not enough of the first and too much of the second
but prob more of both than you can manage on your own
one day, you can scam your own money and start your own problems
service electronics is kind of a dying trade
lots of stuff isnt servicable outside of the factory
its not about that as much as how things are assembled
most stuff breaks when you take it apart, design for manufacturing isnt the same as design for servicability

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neither of them have degrees, both are talented as fuck, more so than a lot of actual EE i know
electronic engineer
do it for work until you hate it, then sell used cars
protip: when a girl asks what are you doing tonight, the correct answer is "you." and not "circuit board!"

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also, if youre going to talk personal shit about an op, its probably better not to be totally wrong about it because you might come off as being dishonest besides an ass
also also, was constantly going on about how engineers without masters degrees arent real engineers doing real engineering, or some shit, but was constantly asking for help from experiences hackers in this channel who dont have college degrees
last part isnt why he banned, its why hes an ass
he went on and on about it
the funny thing is he mentioned someplace else that rab and blackmoon were the only people he was in this chan to talk to anyway

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shawni786: initially, being an ass when people were trying to help him, but since hes admitted to being in the chan just to troll, and goes on about how shitty and unhelpful the whole channel is
which is a bit fucked because it seems mostly his problem is with me

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