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man book rental is the scam

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its like average of 10 pages of reading a week
i think im going to like her
she publishes in word instead of pdf, but i will try not to hold it against her
also its a bit more drama to edit

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oh shit schools online course thing updated
its starting
the russians dont have one of my books
i think its a cheap one, like $200
also there is some loose leaf shit for $150
prob like $.30/page for copied b/w shit that isnt even bound
plants and society
name of the course is Food, Fiber, and Drugs!
instructor put the !

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this coffee grinder is way to complicated
wtf it has timer settings but i have to hold down the button the whole time
no thats what it says in the manual
firmware sucks, ship it as feature instead of paying contractor moar money

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they dont care
no it will be fucked, because bugs
k coffee bbl
also 6 hours intil first practice session of belgian grand prix
aaaaaaw shit DIP YO ASS DAT PUDDIN
k bbl

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this is the other bom fuck in couch project
besides casters
hmm, their prices are not bad, not great
the closest onoe of these is in sacramento

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nothing happened
so ive been putting beans in ziplocks and smashing with plastic hammer
im not sure the beans are in your digestive track long enough to cold brew
aeropress is cool
not enough coffee
i have a little french press, less filter drama, more coffee
i can get three with my french press plus no filters
yeah fuck espresso im not trying to steam my coffee shit isnt broccolli
sounds cute
thats almost what an aeropress is
its strong so you water it down
if i did that with a french press, i could prob get 6 cups out of the thing
rab: they dont care, what can you do about it?
thats cool
i havent used mine in years
rab: pretty sure fedex has the same fuckit policy?
i bet you the company merged years ago and no one noticed
i think its diff everywhere
rab: have source for memory foam?

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all the rolling resistance =(
wow that thing has shortest gearing ever
your gearing is slightly less pussy
i wouldnt mind a squishy seat
newbike has normal seat rails, old bike was pivotal
fuck out of coffee
do i go buy coffee grinder or confuse neighbors with more coffee hammering
rab: i tried just going without coffee

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thats so dumb my bike lock is gonna rub that shit into the little ferrules on the frame or something
they all cost money, i checked
i dunno what is a sissy bar
is that the handle on the back or the storage rail
which thing on back
of what

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do you get junkie shakes?
i think you should try weed
also do you have music on like, all the time?
you should try weed and music like all the time
i want to order bike parts, but they cost money
bike brake cable got kinked in shipping, and its got this open section in the middle so housing is like two parts

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wait i might have that
oh its in a box at friends house
rab: hmm newegg says i bought a seagate
i prob got other problems
yeah because she spoke spanish and i didnt

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yeah i saw them on a guy, and then camera switched and they were on another guy
two times
"parts are for race use only" more like, we promise you this part will eventually grenade

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macegr: neat, two times!

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heh if cat wasnt playing dudes scalp would be off

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