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dude tow truck drivers are like artists they live for shit like that
its not even touching the building

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'the stereotype' can mean so many things
if he gets kidnapped
not just like, for no reason
and its more like an honorable kamikaze thing
youre saying we could all be kidnapped right now?
i think its more likely you are kidnapped than me
im just happy i am probably not kidnapped
you do a lot of ramdom shit with duct tape so maybe youre not either iunno

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well irc isnt enough so i think you should go explore for 20 minutes
then come back
and then check all your things
k go
then suicide to foil their plot
thats the ultimate fuck you
pls explain more
if like, if he pussies on on suicide and his mom comes and kills him anyway
macegr: bc not metallica weed?
like such as

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macegr: where
are you going to stick figure fire?
some of that diplo skrillex shit sounds like them really high like, 'seriously i bet i can get this shit track top 10 on the charts just because were are us'
you ok?
i know because google knows metallica tour dates

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blackmoon: 4 u https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWmOJ4-LbPs&t=23s
noisia remixed a j pop track
like kinda up to the black album
heh, hetfield is like 9000 years old
thats cool theyre still using the same bassist
hes the third one, hes not that new
the middle one was like, rebound

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dans comp is broken
i no can has bike partsburger

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yeah head of hondas engineering team didnt help anything by saying they would be up towards ferraris pace, and that the mclaren chassis isnt great
someone should tell that guy to shut the fuck up

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whats signal like?
macegr: scary
thats a trick
well, make you signal big and make your filters with a lot of stages and make sure the caps cost a lot of money
youll be fine
guys hondas new f1 engine still sucks
ron dennis will put all of honda at the bottom of the lake

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right, so bandpass first, drop the noise, then amplify
if you amplify everything, you are more likely to clip the amp, at which point your signal chain is trashed
if you bandpass first, the shit that would have clipped maybe doesnt make it through large enough to matter, and the universe is happy
do like 48db/oct filters
do you care about latency?
it would be 4 opamps worth of salen key filters
do it with 5% film caps, prob good enough
whats the noise voltage and signal voltage?
what frequencies?

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anyway, simplest thing would be a bandpass filter followed by a comparator set above the noise floor
if powerline carrier means a resistor to power, like mic or sensor power, you want that resistor close to the destination
powerline like, mains power?
i would put the gain stage after the filter
if you put gain on everything, you may clip because of shit you dont even care about
damn son
shit was less crazy when you were running signal on mains
well you seem to be doing it right but i would swap the gain and bandpass stages
why are you amplifying the noise?

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danielson: need more information about signal
like, if its all one frequency, you can maybe banbpass filter and just check amplitude
other end of complexity is an rx circuit and checking that whats decoded makes sense
niki lauda is in love with lewis hamilton
yeah i dont know what that means
is it phantom power, is it like optos/midi?

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monkeyisl: what are you making?
oh nm, cool

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