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rab: so far printer working pretty awesine

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tekrad: and i think rosberg parked it at the end of the straight at monaco
last year
anyway, raikkonen another year in the red cars, so was a good week
fuck i have a class at 8am

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big controverseys last 10 years: industrial espionage leading to a driver trying to blackmail the most corporate of team bosses... purposely crashing a car to create safety car condition to benefit team mate... parking a car in the middle of a tight hairpin during qualifying to red flag the session so your pole time cant be bested...
no im saying mostly its just people being assholes
in the 90s, when traction control was banned, i think benetton had the firmware for it, but supposedly it was disabled and not present in the menus
basically traction control was there, but they couldnt prove it was being used
but drivers, including senna, would listen to the motors in the turns and were pretty sure the benetton was running tc
blackmoon: 6 time world champion
fuck schumacher
im sure hes a nice person in real life im sure he was a great father im very sorry he is in a coma or might as well be
but competitively speaking, fuck schumacher
i think he was the benetton driver may have had traction control

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the result has been turning the formula so specific that all the cars are variations of the same thing

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theyre basically battling for last
if they dont improve over winter break, haas f1 will potentially kick their ass out of the gate
haas is basically going to be a ferrari #2 team, most of their components will be known reliable and high performance
yeah were only half way tho
and that guy cant do traffic
they banned them during race
f1 is about finding loopholes

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my audios is not working
tekrad: they broke button
'are you still enjoying formula 1?' button" 'today, no. not at all'
mofo got lapped =\
they both finished
honestly thats a big deal, its sad that its a step forward, but it is

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note alonso on the left overtaking like half the field
looks like kimi bogged then spun a bit
vettels tire blew up, so force india on the podium
arai at honda going on about how they gonna match ferrari
literally last if you dont count marussia
no its sad now
button isnt smiling anymore

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i dont care i still want to do it to claire

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dont want to do laundry
kind of have to do laundry

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ha kinda
straight 80s lookin shit

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k np

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right i work in an r&d lab so i want to be able to break shit, shrug
50mA should be fine, 20mA too if you know all the parts youre dealing with max out at that
right but your thing looks adjustable
yeah they dont need so much current, depending on how output is loaded, and how fast you need it to be

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transistor side is prob fine
make sure it can go down to like 500uA, repeatably, 100uA would be better
mcbadders: what sim is that?
looks like multisim, or whatever its called now
ive done pretty big circuits in it, its pretty neat, goofy ui is lots of fun
does it still have the power rated resistors that can catch fire?

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mcbadders: looks neat
the led should go higher
i think lots of cheap optos are 50mA, so id want the test thing to do 100mA max

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dx^: mfkr

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