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you know i didnt realize it was you lope until right now
i feel like you should be tellin us how to troubleshoot power supplies by now
2 hours until pre qualifying practice

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anyway, check for obvious shorts, after that its component level troubleshooting of a misbehaving supply
usually not a safe thing

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you need to check under the board its maybe shorted and going into protection
i dunno
693k sounds high enough to not be a problem, but it doesnt really matter unless you have voltage on it

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manual transmission

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all cars should be this

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tecan: hi

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yeah, agree
most everyone thinks that
at work i only use lead free if its something going back out to customers
which is rare

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right but im saying your $3 iron is prob back door same factory, so be careful
i wouldnt and i do this for a living and have hands on experience with weller rework irons
mini-plug tip connections on the weller rework irons
will not trust ever again
if i got budgets, hakko, if i got moneys, metcal or equiv
ha, ive never gotten one that bad but im not surprised
shrug, diff category of tech
its all about the blue Soldapults
black soldapult, not so much

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nardil: sincere recommendation, buy a hakko unregulated iron
it might not be great but its much more likely to work than random shit running at 1/4 power
wow @ $3
good luck
you will prob need extra tips
the cheap ones like from radioshack oxidize crazy fast, even if you keep them tinned

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nardil: you want excess energy
that way the iron brings the workup to temp
not enough energy, or tip to small, and the work will pull too much heat from the iron
the work temp will rise, but the iron temp will fall and the solder wont wet
regulated irons are 60-100W, and they switch off once they hit temp
they dont need 60W all the time, but they work much better because they have it when they see the temp dropping
at 15W, you would have to sit with the iron on the work forever while they both heat up, assuming they arent moving enough heat into the air
in which case it wont ever work
get a very, very large tip, and keep it tinned
well your shit prob wont get hot enough to oxidize anyway
so you got that going for you

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to do dabs?
not gonna work great for PCBs
neither is 15W

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half the volts, half the current, so 1/4 the power

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man tha amount of fixed point h4x to make G2 and G3 work on an arduino =\

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they have to be at least 3 channels synced
who gives a fuck about pushing a single stepper
you can send gcode to a cnc controller over rs232 at 2 baud
thats kind of how we did it at school with the old bridgeport =\
i wanna see arduino do arcs at 100 IPM on a 3 chan machine
again, links
it does
how do you think my machine works
timecop: thats not using a pc controller, which limits flexibility
so in 2007, i loaded an 80s cnc over rs232, from a floppy
loading a cnc controller isnt the same as realtime control

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