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because you suck at campfire

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i should make a box mod with the 1" acrylic i have
oh shit that looks cool
i dont even do flavors anymore
or buy high concentration
i just buy little jugs of unflavored vg at the strength i want

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i dunno right noe
like 4 turns of 32ga, two coils
i told a guy over the summer to do towards 1.0
when i measured it when i got home it was like, .2
oh, like 1/8" about
not doing the microcoils right now
measures just under an ohm
its a bit under 1/8"
i trust my fluke more than the calc
im prob going to drop down to like .75R, it sucks when the batteries get low
im prob done with tanks
thats shits awesome when it works but only works half the time

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inittab: do stuff for me
inittab: do all the things
where do you live?
did you guys legalize?
i can ship you cannabis oil and you can just inject it into your brain
thats lame
even tho were not legal for rec, the rules here are pretty cool, lots of people growing in their back yards with copy of doctors rec posted near the plants
yeah i remember that, thats lame
you still vaping zeros?
im almost out of 12mg, have 250ml of 6mg ready
do they really test for nicotine?
youre IT, no?
so when i go to 6mg there will be less throat?
i went from 50/50 to 100% vg because its easier
i dont think they would trip even if they tested you and it was just nicotine

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